90 Day Fiancé fans are ‘done’ with Angela and Michael after new episode

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After fans are done with Angela and Michael’s relationship after their major fight in the recent episode.

Angela has not exactly been a favorite among the TLC show’s fans. She is one of the most disliked cast members of the franchise.

However, her tumultuous relationship with Michael has provided a lot of fodder for the franchise. The married couple is now featuring in 90 Day’s spin-off series Happily Ever After’s seventh season.

Angela and Michael have big blow out in new 90 Day Fiance episode

On the Sunday, October 30 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Angela appeared to walk away from Michael for real this time.

The couple had one night of marital bliss before things blew up the next day.

“I did tell Angela last night that I was gonna take down the Instagram to convince her to be sweet with me,” Michael confessed to cameras. “But I really don’t intend to take it down.”

He does not wish to delete his profile from the app as he dreams of being an Instagram influencer.

“Of course, I feel bad lying to her. But I did it because I thought if I could put her in a better mood, then, it will be better to talk to her about keeping my social media,” he further says.

The next morning Michael brings up the topic explaining his logic behind keeping his account on the app. As many fans expected Angela quipped, “And I told you no,” she replied.

Michael even convinces her by saying he doesn’t want to keep his account to flirt with other women.

Angela accuses him of lying to her to have makeup s*x and also accuses him of using her to fulfill his physical needs.

A calm Michael proposes a middle path and says “Let’s both take our social media down then.”

Angela refuses to do so saying she didn’t betray him hence she doesn’t need to delete her Instagram.

Fans are done with Angela and Michael’s relationship

Fans were extremely agitated after watching things go down between Angela and Michael. Many were annoyed at Angela due to her unstable behavior towards Michael.

” Just leave us alone. Please @TLC…..we are actually begging you. BEGGING,” one fan wrote after watching Angela and Michael on 90 Day Fiancé.

“Their relationship needs to end because it’s not healthy at all,” another fan weighed in.

“I am done with Michael and Angela and this toxic, abusive bullsh*t. I do not want to see them next season, on The Single Life or on Pillow Talk. They need to disappear!” a frustrated fan wrote.

How did Angela and Michael meet?

Angela and Michael first met on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 2 in 2018.

The two connected via social media when Michael messages her out of the blue.

After getting to know each other online, Angela flew out of Georgia to Nigeria to meet her new man.

The pair got married in Nigeria in January 2020 and it was broadcast to fans later that year.

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