90 Day Fiancé fans think Veronica Rodriguez ‘can do better’ than Justin Foster

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life are weighing in on Veronica Rodriguez and Justin Foster’s relationship after their recent argument.

Veronica is one of the most-liked cast members in this season of the 90 Day spin-off, Single Life. She first appeared on the show back in 2019 as a part of Timothy Malcolm’s storyline. She’s Tim’s ex-fiancé.

However, in season 3 of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life, she is dating single-dad Justin Foster.

Veronica Rodriguez and Justin Foster fight over moving to Florida on 90 Day Fiancé

In the latest Single Life episode, which aired on October 31, Justin brings up the idea of moving back to Florida while on a date with Veronica.

He explains that it’s a better move for the kids as their cousins and his family are there. He then asks Veronica if moving forward in their relationship is feasible or a viable option.

An enraged Veronica fires back at Justin, saying she wouldn’t settle for a situation where Justin gets whatever he wants and she is stuck with the ‘leftovers.’

Veronica says she doesn’t want to uproot her and her kids’ life by moving to Florida to make her relationship with Justin work.

The reality star also shares her thoughts about how Justin moving to Florida will be convenient for his ex but not for her.

“You are a factor, you are not THE factor,” he tells Veronica. “You want to be THE only factor.”

Justin points out he has a lot of things to consider, saying: “I have to consider her (the ex), I have to consider you, I have to consider the kids.”

At this, Veronica quips back by saying: “You don’t have to consider her, you know why ’cause she’s your ex.”

Sadly, the duo are unable to reach a solution. Justin points out that moving to Florida is the best option for him and his family and Veronica accuses him of not taking her into consideration.

Veronica Rodriguez and Justin Foster fight on 90 Day Fiancé Image from 90 Day Fiancé | YouTube

Fans think Veronica can do so much better than Justin

Many fans sided with Veronica after her fight with Justin in the recent episode. Some even said she can do better than Justin.

“Veronica you can do so much better,” one fan wrote.

“Veronica can do sooooo much better,” a second fan said the same thing, wondering why she was still arguing with Justin.

“Why are you still arguing with the dude? The moment he made plans with his ex to move to another state and ghosted you should have told you everything,” another fan said siding with her.

However, some felt that she was too invested for having known Justin for such a short period of time.

“I’m confused why Veronica is mad he would follow his CHILD to Florida. Saying he’s choosing his ex like sis he’s choosing his child. Y’all just started dating, just let dude go,” one fan said.

“How long has this situation been going on between Veronica and Justin? Cause I feel like she’s way too invested for this duration of time,” a second person wrote.

What is Veronica’s job?

Despite her reality TV career, Veronica has a corporate job too.

As per her Linkedin, the 37-year-old is the lead sourcing relationship manager at Equitable. She has been at her job for two years and seven months.

Veronica has previously worked for companies like AXA US and Delhaize America.

She is also an influencer with over 280,000 Instagram followers.

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