90 Day Fiance Star Tiffany’s Son Daniel Calls Mom and Fans Are Here For It

The new episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Single’s Life saw actor Tiffany Franco’s son, Daniel, call out his mother for her decisions regarding his love life.

All 90-Day Fiance fans know that Tiffany has simply been through a lot. The mother of two was with ex-husband Ronald Smith for six long years. The former couple’s relationship was tumultuous.

However, Tiffany is finally single now and she’s ready to get back into the dating world. Her new dating journey is chronicled in the current season of 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life.

But the show’s latest episode saw Tiffany’s eldest, Daniel, call out her mother for some of her decisions and the fans are here for it.

90 Day Fiance star Tiffany’s son Daniel calls mom

For weeks, many fans have wondered how Tiffany’s eldest, Daniel, is handling her divorce from Ronald. However, the youngster shares exactly how he feels about the situation in the Monday, October 20, episode.

As reported by Vulture, Tiffany decides to tell Daniel that she is dating again in the recent episode and the boy wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Daniel confessed to his mother how difficult he was to trust people after his experience with Ronald. He also notes that his mother, the reality TV star, never slowed down with Ronald or even tried to get to know him first.

The 12-year-old (according to this 2019 Heavy article which states he was nine years old at the time), certainly told Tiffany how many fans felt.

Many fans also felt the Addy Rose Cosmetics founder rushed to marry Ronald.

Fans greet Daniel after the final episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Many fans praised Daniel for speaking his mind so clearly and telling his mom what she needed to hear.

“Daniel is the smartest person in the entire #90DayFiance franchise,” a fan commented.

“He’s the most mature, smartest, awesome person to ever be on this show EVER, EVER!!! We love you Daniel,” wrote a second fan.

“This little guy shouldn’t have to worry/stress about his mom’s love life like this,” a third fan who felt bad for Daniel said.

A look at Tiffany and Ronald’s whirlwind relationship

Tiffany met South African man Ronald while on vacation years ago.

When they first started a romantic relationship, Tiffany reveled in her relationship with him, saying, “Me and him just had so much chemistry,” she said, Heavy.com reports.

“I went back to South Africa six months later and on that trip he actually proposed to me on that same cliff that he took me [the first night]. I was so happy. I’ve never felt like that in my entire life,” the entrepreneur said at the time.

However, their relationship hit rock bottom when Ronald’s game came to light.

He talked about it during an Instagram live, notes Heavy.

Tiffany confessed later on the show that she should have asked him more about her life when they first met.

The couple welcomed daughter Carley Rose in 2019.

When Ronald was unable to obtain his spousal visa to come to America, Tiffany had to care for her newborn baby and her son Daniel on her own.

After several fights, splits and reconciliations, the couple finally separated for good in mid-2022.

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