After ‘Summer House’ Season 5 Luke Has Experience Making an Exit

Luke Gulbranson has some experience making an exit, as he did on Bravo‘s Winter House when the drama reached a fever pitch. But this isn’t the first time Gulbranson has bolted.

On Summer House Season 5 tensions became so heated, Gulbranson had to be physically restrained when a fight broke out. He quickly left the house and didn’t return for a few days.

Both instances revolved around women in the house and how he treated them. On Summer House Season 5, Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke drunkenly confronted Gulbranson for leading Hannah Berner on, while also pursuing Ciara Miller, who was new to the friend group.

On Winter House, Gulbranson left in the middle of the night when Craig Conover became angry with how Gulbranson hovered over Jessica Stocker. But also because Conover didn’t like how Gulbranson touched girlfriend Paige DeSorbo. Violence was threatened but it didn’t reach a physical level.

How did the fight with Luke start on ‘Summer House’?

Gulbranson had hooked up with Berner on Summer House Season 4. But the next year, he sent Berner mixed signals and made it clear he was romantically interested in Miller. One night, Gulbranson, Radke, and Cooke had been drinking, which is when Radke and Cooke decided to confront Gulbranson.

Luke Gulbranson, Hannah Berner |Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

“All we want him to do is admit fault and take some ownership and responsibility for some of his behavior,” Radke said in a confessional (via Bravo). “For us as men in the house, Kyle and I have fallen on numerous swords, taken responsibility, owned s*** and moved on. And Luke is not doing that, and that is incredibly frustrating. Because we have to, and he’s not.” 

The confrontation in the Summer House kitchen bubbled over and Gulbranson took off. But he immediately returned ready to fight – something he learned not to do when it came to the argument at Winter House.

Luke called ‘Summer House’ producers for advice

The Summer House fight nearly came to blows and producers (and other cast members) had to intervene. “Next thing you know, we just like Luke …” Miller said on the Summer House After Show. “And then I look over the balcony and it’s just like … f**king rage.”

Cameras showed Gulbranson returning to the house. That’s when he screamed at Kyle Cooke, “I don’t like you.”

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Cooke said the main reason it didn’t come to blows was that the house was so big. “Luke and I benefited from the fact that we were separated by a massive staircase,” he said. “And I’m not the kind of guy to get in a fight. But we were kind of … they were fighting words being exchanged.”

For his part, Gulbranson was furious. “I was seeing red,” he said. “I know that for a fact, I reached that point.”

Thankfully before anyone got hurt, Gulbranson called a Summer House producer. “I tried to get on the phone with my producer just to say, like, I’m reaching a boiling point right now like I tried to do the right thing,” he recalled.

Will Luke return to ‘Winter House’?

Gulbranson eventually returned to the Summer House and made amends. But this time, on Winter House, will he also come back? He seemed to be pretty upset with not only Conover but himself.

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Instead of calling producers, Gulbranson called his sister for advice. He worried he did make Stocker feel uncomfortable, but now he’s the one dealing with the mixed signals. He thought Stocker was into him, especially after they hung out and got cozy in the hot tub.

Gulbranson was close to tears and wanted to fight Conover. But this time he decided to just quietly pack up his belongings and leave the house.

Will he return? Tune into Winter House on Thursday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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