‘All of Us Are Dead’ Star Cho Yi-hyun Reportedly Starring in ‘Vampire Chef’

Cho Yi-hyun recently shot to fame and is rumored to be starring in a new K-drama, Vampire Chef. Vampire Chef will follow the original webtoon story of a half-vampire male lead and a female vampire. Having only started her acting career in 2017, Cho made a name for herself in another supernatural drama, All of Us Are Dead.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Actor Cho Yi-hyun in Talks to Star in ‘Vampire Chef’ | through Netflix

Cho Yi-hyun reportedly playing Kang Mi-ro in ‘Vampire Chef’

According to TapComics, Cho is in talks to play female lead Kang Mi-ro for Vampire Chef. The character was not born a vampire but was bitten as a child. But the real kick for the K-drams is the male lead storyline. Under the Queen’s umbrella, actor Baek In-hyuk would also star alongside Cho as Hong Ki-jun.

Ki-jun is a half-vampire, born to a vampire father and a human mother. He grows up and opens a mysterious restaurant in Itaewon. But his affliction is that he still dreams of the sweet taste of his friend’s blood from childhood.

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As of now, no major production company has confirmed any details about Vampire Chef. While fans are eager to see Cho and Baek’s possible on-screen chemistry, there’s been no confirmation from the K-drama episode or the supporting cast. The K-drama reportedly began filming in 2022.

What is the story of the web novel “Vampire Chef” about?

K-dramas based on webtoons have proven immensely successful. Vampire Chef was created by Kim Star as a novel and then serialized as a webtoon. As mentioned earlier, the story focuses on Mi-ro and Ki-jun.

Ki-jun shocks local customers with his incredible ability to create delicious dishes all by himself. But in reality, they have no idea that he’s not 100% human. But Ki-jun has a plan up his sleeve. His food is created from ingredients that only vampires can tell apart. Despite his skills, he lacks a flavor that has haunted him for years – the taste of blood, but not just any blood, but that of Mi-ro.

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The two characters were friends when they were kids and Ki-jun accidentally tasted their blood. Since then, he hasn’t been able to forget her and has been looking for Mi-ro for years. In a destined encounter, Mi-ro appears in her restaurant. Due to an incident, she starts working for Ki-jun. To his surprise, when he tastes his blood again, it’s horrible.

Mi-ro grew up eating fast food, tarnishing the purity of her blood. Hoping to regain his flavor, Ki-jun cooks his special meals.

Cho Yi-hyun wowed fans as the school’s top student in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Vampire Chef wouldn’t be the only time Cho has played the role of the undead. She and a cast of up-and-coming actors starred in Netflix’s coming-of-age K-zombie drama All of Us Are Dead. The storyline focuses on a group of high school students who find themselves trapped and trying to survive. A heinous virus turns anyone into ravenous monsters. Their closest friends become their worst enemies.

Cho played the role of Choi Nam-ra, a quiet and somewhat aloof student at the top of her class. When all hell breaks loose, she is rescued by her classmate Lee Su-hyeok (Lomon) and joins the other characters. But as they search for ways to survive, Nam-ra comes face to face with the virus, but a mutated version.

Fans love Cho’s portrayal of his character and his development throughout the storyline. The actress revealed that she was inspired by Twilight to play her character. She’s also set to return with the main cast of All of Us Are Dead Season 2. Cho seems to have what it takes to play the role of a vampire in Vampire Chef.

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