Ami Brown of the Alaskan Bush people struggles to manage her ranch after the death of her husband Billy

The new Season 14 episode of Alaskan Bush People sees mom Ami Brown face a huge dilemma as she and her son Bam must find ways to make their ranch self-sufficient.

The new episode titled The Alaskan Code was released on Sunday, October 23. It sees the Brown family trying to navigate their way past their father Billy’s death in 2021.

“It’s been a year since they lost their patriarch and each of the Brown siblings are preparing for their first real foray into adulthood. Can they chart their own path while keeping the spirit of the dream one for all of the Wolfpack?” reads the episode description.

Ami Brown, the mother of Alaskan Bush People, faces a dilemma

A new promo of the latest episode posted on the Alaskan Bush People Twitter account shows Ami facing a huge dilemma.

The 59-year-old matriarch is in charge of her late husband Billy’s business, Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions, according to The Sun.

Discovery fans know that Ami is very proud of her outdoor garden as well as her ranch. She is also deeply attached to the animals on her ranch.

However, the show’s recent promo shows her son Bam stepping up to help Ami take care of the ranch as she struggles to keep it running.

“It’s definitely an issue that we put a lot more into the ranch than we get out of it,” Bam told the audience in the promo. He notes that the current method of ranch management costs the family a lot of labour, money and time to tend to all the livestock.

Bam notes that everyone in the family tends to treat animals as pets. “But you have to keep in mind that it’s about being self-sufficient.” To be self-sufficient, one must be willing to raise, slaughter and sell animals.

Asking Ami what she would like to do with one of her animals, Bam asks if she wants to sell or slaughter an animal from the ranch.

An emotional Friend responds by saying “sell it on the hoof”. Bam, who does not understand what she means, asks her if she wants to slaughter the animal before selling it. But she further explains that “on the hoof” means “to walk alive”.

Speaking to the camera, the emotional matriarch notes “I can’t help but get attached to animals.”

“I love animals,” she notes.

Ami has been through a lot in the past few years

Alaskan Bush People viewers love and appreciate Ami for her resilience. The mother of seven has been through a lot in recent years.

In April 2017, Ami was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, as reported by The reality TV star beat cancer after a battle that lasted a few years. However, in the wake of her recovery, came the death of her husband.

Billy Brown died after suffering a seizure in 2021. He was 68 at the time.

Additionally, in April 2021, the Brown family was sued.

A Tennessee doctor named Robert Maughon has allegedly filed a lawsuit against the late Billy’s estate and his family business, Alaska Wilderness Family Productions for an alleged breach of contract, according to Screenrant.

Ami asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed, stating “lack of jurisdiction in the matter.” But the case is still ongoing.

The next episode of Alaskan Bush People will be released on October 30.

Season 14 episode 5 is released on October 30. The episode, titled No Sleep Till Petersburg, chronicles Brown’s family journey as they deal with their estate following the death of dad Billy.

“The Brown siblings battle boat issues while racing to meet a deadline to see a dream property; in Washington,” the description read.

The episode will also see Bam trying to save money on rach expenses by learning skills from a local farmer.

Bear and Raiven will also share big news about their future.



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