Bachelor In Paradise fans are obsessed with new Victoria ‘chill’ amid Lace drama

A group of new gentlemen and ladies have arrived at Bachelor in Paradise looking for hookup. OG singles have been tempted to find new sparks before. However, it seems that Victoria isn’t bothered by any of this, despite Lace’s broken heart.

Feelings grow at Bachelor in Paradise and relationships blossom.

While some stars are with a certain person, others worry that discovering new relationships will interfere with their relationships.

In the latest episode, Lace Morris returned to the beach with tears in her eyes as she searches for Rodney Matthews. However, she discovered that he was currently on a date with another woman.

Meanwhile, Victoria isn’t bothered by all the drama on the island, and that includes her rocky relationship with Johnny.

A love triangle and an unfinished conversation

Screenshot from Bachelor Nation on ABC’s YouTube channel: Eliza Isichei and Rodney Mathews get closer to their one-on-one – Bachelor in Paradise

They say no one’s relationship is safe on Bachelor in Paradise and last night’s episode gave the single contestants a chance to meet some new faces.

Days after men were allowed to mingle with other girls, host Jesse Palmer gave women the same opportunity.

Although some discovered new relationships, others were too busy thinking about what their boys were up to. Including Lace with Rodney and Shanae with Jacob.

Lace’s feelings for Rodney seem to have grown with each episode, but it seems that while there is a mutual interest, Rodney is also getting to know Eliza.

They even shared their first kiss.

As the pair gushed about each other on camera, Lace couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from him and confessed her feelings.

“I really, really want to pursue this and I want to take this seriously, move forward,” she said in the confessional. “I don’t know currently if he feels the same.”

As the guys tell Lace that he currently has a date with Eliza, she sees them holding hands.

Before the episode ends with another cliffhanger, a conversation between the two unfolds.

Fans will now have to wait for the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise to find out what was said.

Fans obsessed with Victoria’s ‘chill’

Screenshot from Bachelor Nation on ABC’s YouTube channel: Lace Morris sneaks out to look for Rodney Mathews – Bachelor in Paradise

Despite the drama surrounding Lace’s feelings for Rodney and Eliza’s involvement in their relationship, fans were obsessed with Victoria’s attitude.

Many realized that she showed no feelings or remorse for her current situation with Johnny and the drama that was going on between the couples on the island.

In fact, fans loved it.

One wrote: “Victoria doesn’t shed a single tear for Johnny. She really is THAT b****.

Another fan tweeted, “I really f****** love how indifferent Victoria F. is to all this turbulence.”



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