Bachelor in Paradise’s ‘iconic’ Jill has fans in splits after roasting Jacob post-breakup

Bachelor in Paradise‘s latest episode saw cast member Jill Chin’s time on the show come to an end, but she didn’t leave without one last dig at Jacob.

The show’s season 8 is now in full swing as episode 9 aired on October 25th. A lot happened in the recent episode. The cast member’s dynamics changed as old flames fizzled out and new ones sparked.

However, despite the hub·bub of the episode, Jill didn’t go unnoticed. Rather, she gave fans the most hilarious nugget of a moment from the whole episode.

Fans are in splits as Jill roasts Jacob on Bachelor in Paradise

Despite all the dreams Jill had for her relationship with Jacob, he ended up falling for Kate harder.

Vulture reports that Jacob also told someone that he could see a future with Kate.

When Jake threw the curve ball of his decision towards Jill, the heartbroken cast member decided to exit season 8.

“I’m just done,” Jill told her friends through her tears “I don’t want to start over again.”

However, the ever-iconic Jill was in no mood to leave without one final burn.

“He’s a Lyft driver and he broke my heart. He sold his couch for cash and I’m crying over him,” she said about Jacob as she made her exit from the show.

The dialogue will forever be remembered by fans of the dating show. It surely deserves an entry into the Bachelor in Paradise ‘Roasts’ Hall of Fame.

“SHE FUNNY EVEN WHEN SHE SAD IM GONNA MISS JILL SO MUCH,” one fan wrote remembering Jill’s final burn to Jacob.

“Even in her exit, Jill is absolutely ICONIC,” another fan wrote.

“Would pay money to watch Jill perform a four-act monologue where one is called “he sold his couch for cash,” a third fan said.

However, a few fans also commended Jacob for being honest with Jill rather than leading her on only to walk away later.

“You know what? I respect Jacob for ending it with Jill, even though he doesn’t have another connection, simply because he knew it wasn’t strong enough. Good on him rather than waiting and hurting her more later #bachelorinparadise,” one fan shared.

“I love that Jacob is doing the right thing and breaking things off with Jill rather than continuing to lead her on. 100% the right thing to do. I feel for both of them, but I’m really happy to see some moments of men being upstanding and honest #BachelorInParadise,” another fan said.

What happened between Jill and Jacob on Bachelor in Paradise?

Jacob and Jill have had a whirlwind romance on Bachelor in Paradise season 8. When Jill was away from the beach, Jacob pursued newcomer Kate Gallivan.

The two gave fans some steamy makeout scenes.

“This sounds rude, but I don’t wake up thinking of Jill,” Jacob told Kate at one point (per Bustle).

However, Kate finally chose to pursue Logan Palmer.

Despite Kate’s change of heart, the mortgage broker decided that his feelings for Kate meant that he couldn’t be with Jill anymore.

A heartbroken Jill decided to exit the beach altogether when she heard Jacob’s confession.

Talking to Bustle about his decision recently, Jacob said: “It was just hurtful … I was still thinking about Jill, just not in the extreme romantic way at the time.”

“And maybe it takes a little bit of time for me [to get there],” he further said.

Jacob and Jill are still in touch even after the show

Jill’s self-elimination was an emotional moment for many fans. But, the reality TV alum seems to be doing great despite her heartbreak.

Bustle reports that Jill has been spending time with fellow Bachelor Nation alums like Hunter Haag. She recently told the outlet that she wishes Romeo Alexander or Kira Mengistu well.

Jacob told the outlet that he and Jill “call each other a lot.” The two reportedly also laugh about the awkward moments on the show as they air.

“Even through the breakup [episodes], I’m like, ‘Here we go!’ And she’s just joking around like, ‘Oh, you’re done,’” he says. “So we have a really good relationship still.”

Since leaving the show, Jill has been spending a lot of time on the New England coast (per Bustle).

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