Below Deck Hannah Ferrier Says ‘The Real Love Boat’ Producers Filmed Around Passengers – Some Say The Show Ruined Their Vacation Again

Despite their best efforts, the production of The Real Love Boat appeared to interfere with the vacations of some Princess Cruises Regal Princess passengers. Former Below Deck Mediterranean Stew Chef Hannah Ferrier, who is the series’ new cruise director, said the production definitely tried to stay away.

But passengers said the production was disruptive and some of The Real Love Boat’s contestants exhibited “nightclub” type behavior.

The production of ‘The Real Love Boat’ was filmed in a section of the boat, Hannah recalls

Some passengers said being on the boat during filming “ruined” their vacation. “We would not have joined ship for my 50th birthday celebrations if we had experienced the potential disruptions at times, such as having a set of step ladders straddling the bottom of my lounger for a member of the The lighting crew starts setting up string lights around the sun deck in the late afternoon, ready for filming,” a passenger told Yahoo.

Daniel Doody and Hannah Ferrier | Don Arnold#JM/Getty Images for Princess Cruises Australia

But Ferrier said the production did its best to stay away. “So we had a section of the boat that we had exclusive use of where we would do the elimination ceremony,” she said on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

But Ferrier did somewhat confirm that the crews were doing evening shoots, which the guest may have been referring to. “There were actually people there, but it was kind of dusk,” she said. “So everyone was done with the pool. Getting ready for dinner.

But passengers on the ‘Real Love Boat’ said their vacation was still ruined

Yahoo released photos provided by some passengers showing production crews and equipment filling the corners of the boat.

“Equipment carts rumbled back and forth, major areas were cordoned off and passengers were pushed aside so they could build a set for filming,” the passenger recalled.

“Maybe many passengers were intrigued and felt they were part of the experience, we weren’t,” the passenger added. “Some of the contestants weren’t careful with the ‘cruise driving’ remarks about making the most of the free drinks…maybe not a problem in a nightclub, but not like our main vacation and not like a week in Ibiza.”

Hannah Ferrier described crew accommodation – 1 passenger said she was downgraded for crew

As they boarded the cruise ship, Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess passengers received a letter from the company informing them of the filming schedule. Another passenger claimed her booked accommodation had been ‘downgraded as it prioritized crew’.

Ferrier said her Real Love Boat casting accommodations were considerably nicer than what she had on Below Deck Mediterranean. “We had a balcony, which was like my pre-requisite. I was like, I can’t be in one of those cabins amidships. And then, (Daniel Doody) was right next to me, and Darren (McMullen) was on the other side of the boat.

She added that McMullen, who is the host of the show, also has a “living room. A little.

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