Blue Lock Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the third episode of “Blue Lock” titled “Soccer’s “Zero,” Jinpachi has a video conference with Team Z, where he outlines the rules for their upcoming round-robin matches for the first draft. When Isagi and his comrades dormitory boys can finally play their first game, a new rule introduced in the previous announcement splits the team and players end up battling each other for possession Here’s everything you need to know about the end of the “Blue Lock” Episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Blue Lock episode 3 recap

In another videoconference with Isagi and his dorm mates, Jinpachi talks to the players of the First Selection. He explains that they will collectively play as Team Z in a round-robin tournament with four other teams in their building. Once all the matches have been played, the top two teams will qualify for the second selection. However, he adds another stipulation that changes everyone’s perspective on the game. Jinpachi explains that besides players from the top two teams, the most successful attackers from the other three teams will also qualify for the second selection.

In the event that two players from the same bottom three teams have equal goals, then a player will be chosen based on Fairplay points. The position of the different players is decided based on random games of rock, paper and scissors. Isagi manages to earn the central striker position although not everyone is happy with the decision. Team Z must play its first match against Team X on the same day. All First Selection matches will last 45 minutes and fouls will be called by VAR.

End of episode 3 of Blue Lock: Who wins the match Team X against Team Z?

Team X and Team Z finally meet on the soccer field with no idea of ​​each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As mentioned earlier, Isagi won the rock, paper, and scissors game for the opportunity to play the team’s center forward position. When the match started, he became nervous momentarily, which gave Raichi enough time to quickly gain possession of the ball from him. Isagi was shocked but his teammate justified his decision by reminding him that the best player, even among the three losing teams, will qualify for the second selection.

Therefore, he put his interests ahead of the team. However, the ball does not last long in his possession as Kunigami takes it away soon after. However, Kunigami and Raichi end up having a verbal argument in midfield and a player from the opposing team uses this opportunity to steal the ball. But it turns out Team X isn’t much different either, and their players start fighting each other as well. At this point, Isagi is confused about his strategy for the game and tries to make sense of Janpachi’s advice to make soccer from scratch.

However, the momentum on the pitch suddenly changes when Barou Shouei, the game’s highest ranked player, gains possession and scores Team X’s first goal. His energetic on-pitch personality and charisma work wonders in the next years. minutes and Team X slowly starts playing together instead of arguing. On the contrary, the fear of defeat acts as a catalyst and divides the Z team players who all despair of scoring a goal to personally reach the second selection.

Unfortunately, Team X begins to overpower them soon after and panic ensues. When at one point the players try to surround Barou who scores all the goals, he nonchalantly passes the ball to his team. Team Z is so confused at this point that they have left many open spaces without defenders and Team X ends up scoring another goal. It shows that even though Barou had seemed selfish when he took possession of the ball from his teammates earlier, he ultimately had everyone’s best interests in mind and wasn’t afraid to pass when there were open opportunities. . From that point the game only got worse until the score was 5-0.

Eventually, Bachira and Isagi have a brief discussion about the game in progress and decide that they need to at least score a goal before time runs out. Unaware of the ongoing competition between their team’s players, the two attackers strategically head for Team X’s goal post with Isagi for the goal. When he finally receives the pass from Bachira, he realizes that Barou is running towards him. Not trusting his abilities, Isagi passes the ball to Kunigami who scores Team Z’s first goal just before time runs out. Barou calls Isagi a coward for not aiming for the goal himself.

Later in the dressing room, Isagi argues that it’s the striker’s job to bravely bind the team together and force them to become one with his charisma and actions on the pitch. That’s exactly what Barou did with his debut goal for Team X, which was equally divided until then. It turns out that Jinpachi was indirectly pointing to this doctrine on the pitch when he told the players to reinvent football from the ground up. So, at the end of the day, Team X came out on top with a huge 5-1 difference against Team Z.

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