‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Graveyard Rats’ Ending Explained

For those confused about the ending of the second episode of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, allow us to try to help! We’ll also cover the remaining episodes of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, but here’s the ending explained in Graveyard Rats.

Graveyard Robber is the second episode of Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and was directed by Vincenzo Natali, and based on the short story written by Henry Kuttner.

Masson, a grave robber, is eyeing the riches of a wealthy newcomer to the cemetery, but to secure the loot he must navigate a maze of tunnels and legions of rodents.

What happened in Graveyard Rats?

Masson, a desperate grave robber, was after Winston’s body in order to steal an extremely valuable saber that had been gifted by the king. Inches from stealing his prize, Masson was forced into the rat’s maze of tunnels, as he chased after the rats carrying off the body. After getting lost inside the tunnel, Masson came face to face with a giant monstrous rat, was injured in the arm, and was chased through the tunnel.

After escaping by falling extremely deep into the tunnels, Masson found himself in the center of where the rats had also been taken. Much to Masson’s delight, he found a number of jewels among the skeletons, including the priceless saber he was looking for. After the looting, Masson noticed the statue of a monstrous creature (extremely similar to the creature in lot 36), muttering “Black Church” to himself. Masson then noticed a curious corpse off to the side, with an exquisite necklace and pendant around its neck. However, after looting the corpse, he woke up, attempting to retrieve the necklace Masson had taken from him.

Masson escaped through a nearby tunnel, the corpse crawling in pursuit. In his attempt to stop the corpse from chasing him, he once again came face to face with the giant rat, finding himself trapped between the two. His fight with the rat resulted in the tunnel collapsing, killing him and preventing the undead corpse from reaching him.

Seeing a light in the tunnel above his head, Masson makes a desperate bid for freedom. Unfortunately for Masson, he ended up back where he started, but trapped in Winston’s coffin. With nowhere to go, the Maze Rats swarm him, leaving him to a grizzly end.

Later, Winston’s grave is found by the two grave robbers that Masson had originally hunted. Recognizing him, their thoughts of how Masson ended up in someone else’s coffin were put to rest when they noticed the jewelry on him, specifically the necklace Masson had stolen. But before the men can loot it, rats erupt from its body and swarm around it.

Was it all in Masson’s head?

The night before Masson attempted to rob Winston’s grave, he hallucinated that an entire horde of rats were in his ceiling, which collapsed, and the horde fell on him. He also imagined himself being put six feet under by Hans, which led to his desperate attempt to hunt the rodents.

There was a brief moment at the end where we thought Masson had died of a heart attack after becoming trapped in Winston’s coffin. But grave robbers witnessed the overwhelming number of rats that invaded Masson’s body.

What is the Black Church?

Little is known about the Black Church, but looking at the statue of an eldritch horror, Masson seemed to instantly know which church the idol belonged to. The necklace on the corpse also shared a resemblance to the statue and was cursed, dooming the wearer to crave it, even in death.

The idol shares a resemblance to the monster seen in Batch 36, so in future episodes we may see even more of the religion.

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