Can Craig and Luke Hug it Out? How a Hockey Jersey Brought them Back Together … Maybe

Southern Charm‘s Craig Conover continued to dance around Luke Gulbranson when he finally returned to the Winter House in Stowe. But eventually, Gulbranson and Conover had to come back together – it’s vacation after all!

Gulbranson stormed out of the house when Conover slammed him for being inappropriate with some of the women in the house. Conover said Gulbranson made Jessica Stover feel uncomfortable when he continued to drape himself all over her. But Conover blew when Gulbranson put his hands on girlfriend Paige DeSorbo’s neck.

Conover and Gulbranson threatened to escalate the verbal confrontation into something physical. Thankfully it never came to blows because Gulbranson left the house. Now it’s awkward, but can they hug it out and get over it?

A hockey jersey got Luke and Craig talking on ‘Winter House’

Gulbranson returned to the house the following day. Conover kept his distance, but eventually, they had to talk. The friends played ice hockey, Gulbranson made one of his signature bonfires and everyone marveled at the falling snow. Gulbranson and Conover made a few comments toward one another, but the finally came together over a common bond.

Luke Gulbranson and Craig Conover | Zack DeZon/Bravo

But Conover wore a hockey jersey he had purchased during a summer visit to see Gulbranson. “I got this jersey as a gift when I visited Luke in Minnesota, for the 4th of July,” Conover explained in a confessional. “I don’t hate Luke. I was mad at how he was acting. It’s nothing personal. This jersey is a symbol of that.”

Luke said the delivery was ‘horrible’

Along with Austen Kroll, Conover and Gulbranson gathered by the hockey rink. “I’m glad you’re back,” Conover said to Gulbranson. They fist bumped and Gulbranson said he appreciated the comment.

“This jersey reminds us of the 4th of July and how amazing of a time we had,” Conover said, thinking back to when he and Kroll visited Gulbranson over the summer. “Look, things happen when we drink and we explode. And obviously, it was a big blowup. But I hope, in my perfect world, we both still get to be Craig and Luke.”

Gulbranson took it in. “Yeah man I’m not gonna lie, I thought the delivery was horrible,” he said to Conover, who seemed to agree. “You and I had that conversation about the bullying thing, right?” Cameras flashed back to Conover and Gulbranson sharing their stories of being bullied when they were kids.

So Gulbranson felt that Conover was, in a way, bullying him when he blew up on him.

Can Craig and Luke move on in ‘Winter House’?

Conover chalked it up to “s*** happens.” But added, “I don’t wanna dig into it, because I think less is more in this situation,” Connover said. “I’m a very passionate person and it came to a head and it exploded. I’m glad you’re here and I think we have a lot of fun to be had in the next few weeks.”

Gulbranson agreed they can move on, but, “This is who he is,” he said in a confessional. “I’ll move on from it. I want everyone to have a good time. That’s what we came here to do.”

They decide to move on … but did they truly move on?

Stay tuned. Bravo’s Winter House is on Thursday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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