COVID-19 Strikes and 1 Team Falls to the Back of the Pack

Once The Amazing Race returned to filming after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck, producers and racers knew there was a risk that they could contract the virus. And despite taking all of the precautions possible to ensure their safety, one team was eliminated from The Amazing Race 34 in episode 6 because they tested positive for COVID-19. Read on for our recap of “Step by Step.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Amazing Race 34 Episode 6, “Step by Step.”]

Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert | Photo: CBS

Which team leaves ‘The Amazing Race 34’ in episode 6 because of COVID-19?

At the beginning of The Amazing Race 34 Episode 6, host Phil Keoghan informed viewers that the racers would continue their journey in Amman, Jordan. But unfortunately for one pair, their time in the race had come to an end.

The final seven teams — Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert, Marcus Craig and Michael Craig, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch, Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos, Aubrey Ares and David Hernandez, and Glenda and Lumumba Roberts — gathered at the Amman Citadel. Phil called Abby Garrett and Will Freeman and told them they tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, they were eliminated from The Amazing Race.

Abby said, “We have loved every single minute of [The Amazing Race]. It has been everything I dreamed.” Will added, “I’m going to be forever grateful that I had the chance to run this with Abby. We had so much fun together.”

After a few tears were shed, Phil got off the phone with Abby and Will and disclosed what came next for the remaining teams. They would run leg five in Amman, but it would be a non-elimination leg. There is still a penalty for coming in last, though. The final team to arrive at the pit stop would start the next leg 45 minutes behind the first group.

With that in mind, the racers took off to find their first clue.

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The racers dance, learn the Arabic alphabet, and build a cart

The first clue in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 6 told the contestants to run on foot to Maktabat Khazanet, a bookstore, to find their next clue. And who knew this would be the most challenging task of the day?

Teams ran from local to local, trying to get directions to this place like chickens with their heads cut off. But Michael, Marcus, Molly, and Emily — who thinks she strained her quad muscle during the Megaleg — were the first to arrive at Maktabat Khazanet. And their clues presented them with a Detour — “Step by Step” or “Letter by Letter.”

In “Step by Step,” racers had to perform a Jordanian wedding dance. And in “Letter by Letter,” pairs had to memorize all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet and correctly recite them. Michael, Marcus, Molly, and Emily chose “Letter by Letter.”

Derek, Claire, Aubrey, and David were the next to arrive at the bookstore. While Derek and Claire chose to do “Letter by Letter,” Aubrey and David, professional dancers, picked “Step by Step.” A short time later, Glenda, Lumumba, Quinton, Mattie, Luis, and Michelle got to the bookstore. And they all chose “Step by Step.” Hilariously, Quinton, Mattie, Luis, and Michelle accidentally first ran to the pit stop instead of the dance challenge.

At “Letter by Letter,” Michael and Marcus discovered a shortcut. They split the task, and each memorized 14 letters. Their strategy paid off since they were the first to complete the Detour. The military brothers received the next clue for the Roadblock — “Who’s Feeling Broken-Carted?” — where they had to build a cart and bring it to the pit stop. Unfortunately, they got lost on their way to the park where the Roadblock took place.

Using their knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet, Emily and Molly were the next ones to recite the Arabic alphabet correctly. However, it wasn’t as easy for Derek and Claire. And this time, Derek was slowing them down since he didn’t know how to roll his “R’s.” Eventually, he learned how to, and they finished the task.

At the dancing challenge, Aubrey and David, Luis and Michelle, and Quinton and Mattie quickly completed the Detour and received their next clues. Since Glenda and Lumumba aren’t professional dancers, they struggled. After their eighth attempt, they succeeded and raced to the Roadblock.

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1 team suffers a penalty for coming in last place in ‘The Amazing Race 34’ Episode 6

Because Michael and Marcus couldn’t find the park, Luis and Michelle got to the Roadblock first in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 6. So they went from last to first place in one task. Michael, Marcus, Emily, Molly, Derek, and Claire weren’t too far behind them, though.

Luis, Michael, Molly, and Claire volunteered to do the Roadblock. On the sidelines, Michelle jokingly asked Derek, “You got Claire building again?” As fans recall, Claire struggled to build a motorcycle during the Megaleg. But Derek replied, “This is redemption season!”

David, Aubrey, Quinton, and Mattie were the next to arrive, and David and Quinton performed the Roadblock. Later, Glenda and Lumumba got to the challenge, so all seven teams were in the park. Glenda volunteered to do the Roadblock.

Luis, who told the cameras, “Abby and Will, I’m thinking about you guys,” was the first to finish. But his cart fell apart on the way to the pit stop — The Nymphaeum. David, a helicopter mechanic, completed the task, and he and Aubrey gave Luis and Michelle a run for their money. In the end, Luis and Michelle fixed their cart and arrived at the pit stop in first place, winning Expedia reward points for a trip to Barcelona.

David and Aubrey came in second, and they will be a part of the first group to begin leg six with Luis and Michelle.

Quinton and Claire were the next contestants to complete their cart. Quinton and Mattie checked into the pit stop in third place, and Derek and Claire came in fourth. They will be in the second group in the sixth leg. Not too far behind them, Michael and Molly finished the Roadblock. Michael and Marcus arrived at the pit stop in fifth place, and Emily and Molly came in sixth. They will be in the third group for the next leg.

Sadly, Glenda and Lumumba were the last to arrive with their cart at the pit stop. Glenda felt like she had let Lumumba down, but he reassured her that he was proud of her. However, they will be the last team to begin leg six.

The preview for episode 7 shows the final seven teams traveling to France, where they propel themselves down a building, make juice, and compete in a very Survivor-esque challenge. However, it looks like one team might get into a car accident.

The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 7 airs Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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