Daisy shares biggest dating pet – says she has a vulnerable side [Exclusive]

Gary King from Under Deck Sailing Yacht, listen up! Daisy Kelliher recently revealed what she looks for in a partner, specifically the one thing that would definitely be a deal breaker.

Kelliher reflected with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on how some fans are shipping a romance with King. She agreed they had chemistry, but she doesn’t think King is quite ready for what she wants from a boyfriend.

Also, one of the obstacles to a long-term relationship is the extensive travel for work. “It’s the curse of yachting,” she laughed during a chat with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “But no, I’m traveling a lot at the moment, especially for the next six months. So I’m a bit away every month, which makes it difficult to start a relationship.

Don’t Lie to Daisy from ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’

But if she were to fall in love with someone, he had better have an incredible sense of humor. “Really funny, someone who makes me laugh,” she said. “I know it’s cliché. But also someone loyal and honest.

Marguerite Kelliher | Heidi Gutman/Bravo via Getty Images

“I’m a very direct person and I expect her to come back,” she said. “And when men lie to me, it triggers a lot of insecurities and just problems. And I go crazy and then they call me crazy. I’m like you shouldn’t be lying in the first place. So that’s a big problem.

Kelliher said unlike how she is seen on the sailing yacht below deck, she has a vulnerable side. “[Viewers] haven’t really seen a more vulnerable side of me or a softer side of me that exists. I am human,” she said. “I have a soft side and I have a vulnerable side. So I think viewers might be surprised to know that about me or see that about me.

Daisy also finds ambition to be “very sexy”

Kelliher is basically ready for a mature relationship. “I like someone who puts in effort, likes spending time with my friends and family, and likes to party,” she said. “They should have a good relationship with my friends…that would be really, really important to me.”

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“And maybe someone who’s just nice,” she said. “I’m done with this eff-boy thing of being like, I’m too cool to be nice, you know? You’re never too cool to be nice. I like nice people and I say beautiful things and I lift each other up. And I can also add ambition. I find ambition very sexy, someone who is driven and someone who has goals.

‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Gary King Has Potential To Date Daisy Kelliher, But He’s Not Quite There

Kelliher’s relationship wish list is closing in on King. He is excellent at his job as mate on a tall ship. Plus, she said he made her laugh. “I think he has a good heart and I think he has good intentions,” Kelliher said. “But, I think he still has a lot of growth to do. And understanding that our actions can have impacts on people.

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“But yeah, I think it’s a fun vibe,” Kelliher added. “And again, I think people can feel that vibe through TV, just like we can feel it when we’re there on the show. And it’s not easy to capture through a screen. I So think the audience feels what we feel, and it’s hard to stay mad at them for too long.

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