Dakota Johnson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Stirred Huge Controversy

Actor Dakota Johnson once had the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live. Her loyal fans tuned in, but not everybody enjoyed all that her episode had to offer. Johnson starred in a controversial Saturday Night Live sketch based on an already divisive commercial that played on television. However, the pure shock value of it all ultimately landed for some viewers, providing a very different experience for them.

Dakota Johnson hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2015

Dakota Johnson | Dana Edelson/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live Season 40 Episode 14 with Alabama Shakes as the musical guest on the show. Her monologue featured an audience Q&A with Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, and Johnson’s real-life parents, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The actor wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, committing to sketches such as the “Fifty Shades of Gray Press Conference.” This skit followed a young interviewer asking Johnson questions about the mature-themed movie.

She continued to find the comedy in the entertainment industry through other skits. “Cinderella,” “Interns,” “Worf MD,” and “Net Effect” all provided a media angle for Johnson on Saturday Night Live. However, they weren’t all so innocent, as one skit, in particular, took some pretty big swings.

Dakota Johnson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Camry commercial generated controversy

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The “Father Daughter Ad” took a major jab at Toyota’s 2015 Super Bowl advertisement about a father dropping his daughter off at the airport to join the army. It garnered mixed reactions from audiences at home, partially for some calling it out to be manipulative. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the Saturday Night Live cast wanted to put a twist on it, and Johnson had a big part to play.

The actor and cast member Taran Killam played the father and daughter pair sharing a similarly emotional moment in the car outside of a building. However, there was a twist when Johnson got out of the vehicle. She wasn’t joining the army, but rather, she got in a car to join ISIS.

However, it hit a sour note for some audiences, as some real-life women from western countries did indeed go to join the terrorist group.

According to New York Post, some audiences took to Twitter to share their negative reactions with the world. One person called it “horrible” and “inappropriate,” while another called it “maybe the most unfunny SNL piece of all time.” It hit a little too close to home for these audiences who thought it was no joking matter.

Audiences weren’t expecting what the sketch had to offer

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Meanwhile, the Saturday Night Live skit with Johnson also inspired some big laughs from other audiences. Some folks appreciated how the late-night sketch comedy show took a big risk and thought it paid off. In the same New York Post piece, one social media user said that audiences not familiar with satire should avoid the show altogether.

In the YouTube comments on the video, users pointed out that it’s only comedy and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Some said that they only laughed as hard as they did because of how unexpected it was to see.

Regardless of one’s stance, Johnson’s Saturday Night Live appearance certainly generated a lot of online chatter.

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