Did Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale Ever Date in Real Life?

Kate Beckinsale and Christian Bale were among the hottest stars of the 2000s. They appeared in blockbuster movies and made headlines with their high-profile romances. The two actors worked together, but did the Dark Knight and Underworld leads ever date?

Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale co-starred in 2 movies

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Kate Beckinsale and Christian Bale have appeared in two films together: Laurel Canyon and Prince of Jutland. 

The latter, also known as Royal Deceit, came out in 1994 and also starred Gabriel Byrne and Helen Mirren. The movie is an adaptation of the Danish legend of Prince Amleth, which inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale played fiancés Sam and Alex in 2002’s Laurel Canyon, which also starred Frances McDormand as Sam’s mother, Jane. Sam and Alex move in with Jane and deal with a personality clash because Sam is a bit uptight and Jane is a free spirit. 

Although Bale and Beckinsale played lovers in both movies, no evidence indicates the actors were ever more than friends. That makes sense because Beckinsale was in a serious relationship during Prince of Jutland and Laurel Canyon filming.

Kate Beckinsale’s dating history, from Michael Sheen to Pete Davidson

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Kate Beckinsale met actor Michael Sheen when they starred in a traveling production of The Seagull in 1995. They began dating and moved in together shortly after. Beckinsale and Sheen welcomed a daughter, Lily, in 1999 but never married. Although the actors split in 2003, they remain close. 

After breaking things off with Sheen, Beckinsale met director Len Wiseman, who worked on Underworld alongside Beckinsale. The pair married in 2004. They separated for a time before their divorce in 2016. 

“They tried to make it work, but they end up falling back into old habits and fighting,” a source told Us Weekly. Their busy schedules also reportedly pulled the couple apart. 

After their divorce, Beckinsale stepped out with several comedians, including Matt Rife, Wild ‘N Out star Jack Whitehall, and Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, famous for his celebrity relationships. 

Beckinsale’s romance with Davidson was her most public. The two were seen on dates and kissing at a New York Rangers game. They broke up after only a few months of dating, but sources say they remain friends. 

After dating Davidson, Beckinsale spent time with singer-songwriter Goody Grace, but they split up in 2020 after 10 months. 

The ‘Underworld’ actor reveals her dating dealbreaker

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The now-single Kate Beckinsale recently shared a dating dealbreaker during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. The conversation began when fellow guest Milo Ventimiglia revealed he used to meet girls at Disneyland when he was younger and often took dates to the theme park. 

Beckinsale voiced her aversion to Ventimiglia’s dating destination, saying she “didn’t like” Disneyland and isn’t a fan of dating in general, E reported. The Serendipity star’s Disney date went awry after she put on a pair of Minnie Mouse ears.

“There was some sort of argument about [how] he didn’t think I looked cute in the ears,” Beckinsale shared. She also said her date didn’t “compliment [her] enough” on the ears. “So it was done. I was out.”

She added that a date should be “freaking out” after you go through “the trouble” of buying and wearing Minnie ears “because it’s a commitment.”

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