Did Kenya, Worrell and Zisa die at the end of season 2 of Raising Kanan?

Set in the 1990s, “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” tells the story of a young Kanan Stark before becoming the fearsome drug lord we see in “Power.” The series revolves around Kanan and his immediate family, his mother Raq, and uncles Lou Lou and Marvin, as they seek to take control of the drug trade in New York City and beyond. In Season 2, their rapid expansion brings them into conflict with the Italian Mafia in New Jersey, which inevitably endangers the lives of several people who know them, including Kenya (LeToya Luckett), Worrell (John Clay III), and Zisa. . (Pauline Singer). Here’s everything you need to know about it. FRONT SPOILERS.

Is Kenya dead?

Yes, Kenya died at the end of the second season of “Raising Kanan”. Kenya is Jukebox’s biological mother, who abandoned her at a very young age. In season 2, Jukebox finds her and they reconcile, but when Kenya finds out that Jukebox might be a lesbian, she forces her daughter into conversion therapy, prompting the latter to cut ties with her. In the season 2 finale, Kenya will talk to Raq about the situation. When Raq opens the door, she is surprised that no one has stopped Kenya from approaching her house, realizing something is wrong. Raq spots the Italians a bit too late and urges Kenya to enter, but the other woman is shot at the door of Raq’s house.

Is Worrel dead?

Yes, Worrell is also dead. Worrell is a trusted lieutenant of Unique and has been a part of the cast since season 1. After Unique is sent to prison on false charges of attempted murder on Detective Howard, Raq recruits Worrell, knowing that he is a exceptional livelihood. When Unique eventually returns to the neighborhood, her relationship with Worrell is seemingly adversarial, though it is strongly hinted that this was just a smokescreen to keep Raq off their trail. When Unique finally joins Raq’s crew and begins working as an intermediary between her and the Italians, Worrell begins working under her again.

Worrell is aware of all of Unique’s schemes. He is there with Unique when Marvin comes to them asking them to arrange a meeting with Marco, the son of the New Jersey mob boss. After Marco’s death, Worrell is one of the few people to realize that war is on the horizon. In the Season 2 finale, Unique tells Worrell that they should leave the crack business behind. Worrell joins Unique and the Italians as they attack the Thomas siblings and is killed in a firefight.

Is Zisa dead?

Yes, Zisa also dies in the second season of “Raising Kanan”. Introduced in season 2, Zisa is a talented singer-songwriter whom Lou Lou recruits for her record label. Through him, he meets Cartier, his uncle, also in the drug trade. Over the course of the season, Zisa and Lou Lou grow closer, especially after Jessica, Lou Lou’s ex-girlfriend, cheats on him and leaves for Los Angeles.

Lou Lou and Zisa end up becoming lovers. In the second season finale, Zisa is at the studio when the Italians come looking for Lou Lou. Although Lou Lou manages to kill the gangsters who came for him, he finds that Zisa has been shot and is dead.

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