Did Marco Accetti kidnap Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori? Where is he now?

Netflix’s ‘Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi’ follows the case of the fifteen-year-old girl and her complex ties to the Vatican. There are many factors in the story that make this a complicated case to solve, especially with the involvement of the Vatican, which has remained totally uncooperative throughout the investigation. This, coupled with the fact that whatever direction the investigation took always came back to the Vatican, created a tangled mess, which remains so to this day. Over the years, anonymous reports and leaked documents have helped shed light on aspects of the case, but none have been as shocking as Marco Accetti’s confession. Did he really have something to do with Orlandi’s disappearance? Where is he now? Here’s what we know.

Did Marco Accetti kidnap Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori?

Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Marco Accetti came forward to claim his guilt in the case. He introduced himself to journalist Fiore de Rienzo from the show ‘Chi L’ha Visto’, with Orlandi’s missing flute as proof of his claims. On top of that, he also claimed his involvement in the disappearance of Mirella Gregori, who disappeared about a month and a half before Orlandi.

Accetti claimed that the two cases were linked and that everything happened in connection with the Vatican. He said he belonged to an underground group protected by the Vatican and that some of its members were priests. Following the attack on Pope John Paul II by Mehmed Ali Agca, and his confession that he was trained by the KGB, drastic action was needed to silence Agca and restore the balance that could help bring back the Soviet State in the Church. While he claimed to know the names of the people who orchestrated all of this from above, he refrained from naming any of them.

Despite all of these theories, Accetti hasn’t come up with compelling evidence to suggest that he was the one who kidnapped Orlandi. The flute he brought did not have enough DNA to confirm that it was indeed Orlandi, although his family agreed that it looked like his. Accetti also claimed to be the American, the man who called the Orlandi family and told them of the kidnappers’ demands. A forensic analysis of The American and Accetti’s voice revealed that it was not he who called the family. However, in the documentary, forensic experts revealed that the caller samples that corresponded with family attorneys are closer to Accetti’s voice. Yet it is not enough to prove, beyond any doubt, that Accetti is who he claims to be.

Another twist from her side came with the claim that another girl’s disappearance is linked to the case. Katy Skerl, 17, was killed in January 1984 in Grottaferrata. She had been strangled and had broken ribs. In 2015, Accetti said Skerl was also killed by the faction responsible for Orlandi and Gregori’s disappearance. He even demanded that Skerl’s grave be exhumed, claiming that his killers stole her coffin because there was something there that could connect her to Orlandi. Eventually, Skerl’s grave was unearthed. The coffin had really disappeared.

All of this makes one wonder if Accetti was really involved in the crimes related to the three girls. Most investigators connected to the Orlandi case believe Accetti is doing all of this simply to get attention. Although he seems to know a lot about the case, that’s just enough for him to fabricate his own story. When asked about the deeper details regarding the case, the things that were never made public, he becomes distraught. If he was really behind Orlandi’s disappearance, then he could have easily proven it now. As for the other cases, he also seems to have shocking information about them, but again, he never presents enough evidence, which cannot be disputed by others.

Where is Marco Accetti now?

Marco Fassoni Accetti lives in Rome and is a professional photographer. Not much is known about his personal life as, despite being in the limelight for his controversial confession, he has kept details of his private life away from the media. His insistence on taking responsibility for both disappearances might lead one to wonder why, if he is innocent, he would want to be known as a criminal. Still, a quick look at his past suggests he’s no stranger to being accused of missing young people.

In 1983, Accetti was arrested for a hit-and-run that claimed the life of a young boy named Josè Garramon. He was convicted of manslaughter and wrongful death and served a year in prison, followed by house arrest. In 1995, 12-year-old Bruno Romano disappeared and based on a witness report, Accetti was investigated for being the man who was seen taking pictures of children in the neighborhood. While some claimed it was him, the charges were never proven. There is also the case of Alessia Rosati, a 21-year-old girl who disappeared from her home in Montesacro in 1994. She left a message for her family, saying she was on a trip, but it was too much. suspicious to believe that it was he who wrote it. Apparently, Accetti linked this disappearance to SISEE, the Italian intelligence agency.

While there are a string of mysterious disappearances in Accetti’s past, which may or may not be linked to him, his most recent run-ins with the law haven’t been of such a serious nature, comparatively. In November 2017, he was arrested for violating his house arrest. In 2019 he was accused of offending two young girls at a party. The case involved the use of handcuffs on the girls, which Accetti said was part of the game, given that they were plastic. The parents, however, thought otherwise.

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