Do Ari, Thusnelda and Folkwin die in Barbarians? [Spoilers]

Inspired by historical events, Netflix’s “Barbarians” tells the story of Germanic resistance against Roman occupation under the legendary Arminius, also known in the series as Ari. The first season focuses on the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where the tribes win a decisive victory against the empire, wiping out three legions. In Season 2, Ari and his allies attempt to completely drive the Romans out of Germania.

There are three main characters in the first two seasons of the series – Ari, Thusnelda and Folkwin. When Season 2 begins, Thusnelda is Ari’s wife, while Folkwin has left the Cherusci tribe and travels with a Carthaginian woman named Dido. If you’re wondering if Ari, Thusnelda, and Folkwin die in “Barbarians,” we’ve got you covered. FRONT SPOILERS.

Does Ari die?

No, Ari does not die in season 2 of “Barbarians”. It was first sent to Rome as a tribute. He returns to Germania and rebels against the empire, confronting his adoptive father, Publius Quinctilius Varus, the commander of the Roman forces, defeating him in the Teutoburg Forest, which led to Varus’ suicide. In season 2, Ari is plagued with nightmares because of his actions, even though he fervently believes himself to be liberating.

The second season is set a year after Teutoburg Forest. After learning that Tiberius, Emperor Augustus’ heir, is currently in command of the Roman camp and discovering that the Romans are preparing to harbor tens of thousands of soldiers, Ari realizes that war is imminent. He reaches out to Marbod, the leader of the Marcomanni, for help, but Marbod betrays him, delivering him to the Romans.

After escaping, Ari swallows his pride and kneels before Marbod, accepting him as his king. However, it is not until Marbod’s wife is killed in a Roman attack on the Thing that he firmly joins Ari’s side. In the second season’s climactic battle, Ari leads the tribes to another victory, forcing the Romans to desert their camps before reinforcements arrive.

Does Thusnelda die?

No, Thusnelda does not die in the second season of “Barbarians”. When Season 2 begins, she leads the Cherusci alongside Ari and is highly respected by the other tribal leaders due to her battlefield accomplishments. Despite all the happiness she and Ari seem to share, she didn’t tell him that Folkwin is the father of Thumelicus, the child. Ari believes to be his.

After Ari’s imprisonment, Thusnelda tries unsuccessfully to convince other tribes to help save him, but their support and respect for her suddenly disappears. She eventually breaks him out with the help of Folkwin and Dido but becomes enraged when she meets Gaius, realizing that Ari has left behind family in Rome.

Thusnelda and Ari eventually reconcile before the battle against the Roman forces. It plays a central role in the Germanic victory. But then she sees a crow and starts to feel like something is wrong. She follows the crow home and discovers that her son is missing. Thusnelda later discovers that her parents betrayed her to the Romans. However, what they fail to realize is that people like Tiberius resent betrayal, even if it is done to their enemies. Thusnelda’s parents are killed and she, her son, and her brother Segimundus are taken prisoner.

Does Folkwin die?

Yes, Folkwin dies in the second season of “Barbarians”. In Season 2 Episode 2, Folkwin stops Thusnelda from trying to enter the Roman camp and later introduces her to Dido. Later, Folkwin reluctantly helps Dido and Thusnelda free Ari from Roman captivity. When Folkwin learns that Thumelicus is his son, he becomes terrified for the boy, remembering that he promised the gods he would sacrifice his firstborn if the tribes won in the Teutoburg Forest. He again pleads to the gods, offering himself in place of his son.

During the battle in the season finale, Folkwin comes to the aid of Dido, who would otherwise have been killed by the Roman prefect Germanicus. Folkwin tries to follow him, but Germanicus gets behind him hiding under a pile of corpses and stabbing him from behind. Before his death, Folkwin tells Ari the truth about Thumelicus’ parentage, begging him to care for his son as if he were his own.

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