Do Sophie and Agatha end up together at the school of good and evil?

Netflix’s “School for Good and Evil” is a story of friendship, adulthood, love, and self-acceptance, wrapped in a neat package of fantasy. The plot revolves around two childhood friends, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie), who couldn’t be more different from each other. While Sophie longs to rise above her current situation, Agatha is perfectly happy living her whole life in the village of Gavaldon. Sophie’s dreams come true when she and Agatha are transported to the School of Good and Evil, but to her horror, she finds herself enrolled in the School of Evil, while Agatha, who doesn’t even want being there, becomes a student at the School for Good. Believing this is all a mistake, Sophie resolves to prove herself as Ever, while her actions continue to prove how perfectly she fits in among the Nevers.

While Sophie and Agatha’s relationship is largely platonic, there are subtle hints that it may be something more. If you’re wondering if they end up together in the movie, here’s what we know. FRONT SPOILERS.

Do Sophie and Agatha end up together?

“The School of Good and Evil” is based on the 2013 book of the same name by author Soman Chainani. It is the first entry in a series of six books, also known as The School for Good and Evil. In this world, heroes or people representing good are known as Evers, and villains or those representing evil are known as Nevers.

The school has two deans but one schoolmaster, at least since the presumed death of his brother, the diabolical Rafal. While Sophie wants to be in school for good, all Agatha wants is to go home, especially after seeing Rafal, who is supposed to be dead, express his interest in Sophie. The girls learn from the schoolmaster that the only way to show that Sophie belongs to the school of good is to realize something that evil can never have – true love, represented by a kiss.

Sophie thinks her true love is Tedros, King Arthur’s son and the best among Evers. The problem is that Tedros and Agatha grew closer by attending school together for good. Despite this. Agatha agrees to help, showing her empathy and how she is able to sacrifice her own needs for others. It works at first, but a relationship between good and evil is unknown and it makes all teachers and other students uncomfortable. At the schoolmaster’s suggestion, Tedros agrees to go through the trial by story, believing that his and Sophie’s feelings for each other are true. But he realizes the truth when Agatha helps them both during the trial.

Meanwhile, Rafal begins to manipulate Sophie, causing her to undergo drastic changes – both physical and behavioral. Sophie takes over the school by tricking Tedros and other Evers into attacking her and her friends. She becomes a youth herself again before going to confront the schoolmaster, only to realize that he was Rafal all along.

In the end, it’s the love between Sophie and Agatha that saves them and the world. Sophie realizes that Rafal is the real evil and must be dealt with. She sacrifices herself to protect Agatha, who goes on to kill Rafal with the Excalibur. As the grieving Agatha kisses Sophie, true love comes through and the latter is rekindled. Agatha also chooses to return to Gavaldon with Sophie, leaving the school and Tedros behind.

However, this is not where the story ends. In the film’s final scene, Tedros’ arrow pierces the vortex between the two worlds, carrying his urgent message of help. In the books, Agatha and Sophie return to school, and later the schoolmaster is revived. The sixth and final book in the series, “One True King” (2020), revolves around Tedros’ struggle against Rafal Japeth Sader-Mistral to become King of Camelot. The book series ends with Tedros and Agatha becoming king and queen, and Sophie and Dot, Captain Hook’s son, beginning a relationship. The bond of friendship between Agatha and Sophie remains strong.

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