Does Kat take down Klax Korp?

The day has finally come. Wendell & Wild is now streaming on Netflix and people didn’t waste any time watching it. Stop-motion animation master Henry Selick directed it from a screenplay co-written by Jordan Peele and Selick himself. Overall, it has a unique plot, a well-known voice cast, and a killer soundtrack. It’s definitely one of the best movies of 2022!

It follows two demon brothers named Wendell and Wild (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), who are fed up with living in the Underworld and would rather travel to the Land of the Living, where they can finally live out their dream of building an amusement park. To make their dream come true, the devious demons get help from a goth teen (Lyric Ross) to summon them to the Land of Living. But the teen girl has a request of her own which complicates things for the two demons.

There was a lot that happened in Wendell & Wild, so you might need a breakdown of how everything wraps up. That’s no problem for us! We’ll be your guide and let you know what occurred in the last moments of the beautifully animated film. We’ll also answer some burning questions.

Spoilers from Wendell & Wild ahead!

What is a Bearz-a-bub?

It’s a demonic teddy bear that helps find Hellmaidens for demons. It marked Kat’s hand when she was in Sister Helley’s classroom. This means Kat is a Hellmaiden which is a person who can summon demons. Once Kat’s hand was marked, Wendell and Wild could track her down. Later, Kat uses Bearz-a-bub at the cemetery to summon Wendell and Wild to the Land of the Living.

Does Kat reunite with her dead parents?

Yes! Kat reunites with her parents after Raul uses Wendell and Wild’s magic cream to raise them from the dead. After Raul resurrects Kat’s parents, he tells them to find Kat. Meanwhile, Kat is walking back to the cemetery with food to give to Wendell and Wild. However, she notices many people have been raised from the dead already. This leads her to believe that her parents might be resurrected, so she runs to her old house.

When she walks through the door, she sees her parents, who look like skeletons. Initially, Kat’s taken aback by her parents’ appearance, but then gets over it when she realizes they’re back. They share an intimate moment, and then Kat’s parents tell Kat that Raul is the person who brought them back to life. Since Raul is in danger, Kat leaves the house to rescue him while her parents stay inside.

In the end, Kat’s parents die again because the magic cream doesn’t last long.

Do Wendell and Wild get to build their dream faire?

Yes, Wendell and Wild get to build their amusement park. When Buffalo Belzer arrives in the Land of the Living, he tracks down Wendell and Wild in the cemetery. Once Buffalo Belzer learns that Wendell and Wild have used up all of his cream, he becomes enraged and is about to punish his sons. But then the sun starts to come up, and Raul’s art project of a parent protecting their child is displayed on the cemetery grounds. This saddens Buffalo Belzer and makes him think about his other demon children that escaped from the Underworld to come to the Land of the Living only to end up missing.

Then, Manberg shows up with jars filled with Buffalo Belzer’s other demon kids. Manberg tells Buffalo Belzer that he’ll hand over the demon kids if he lets Wendell and Wild go. Buffalo Belzer accepts the deal and then tells Wendell and Wild not to be long because he needs help designing a new faire in the Underworld.

Wendell & Wild ending: Does Kat take down Klax Korp?

Yes. With the help of her new friends and parents, Kat takes down Klax Korp. First, Raul resurrects three brew workers with the magic cream so they can act as witnesses to prove that the Brewery fire was not an accident but was instead done on purpose by the Klaxons. Meanwhile, Kat and everyone else hold a line to protect Rust Bank from being demolished by the Klaxons. Once the Klaxons notice what Kat and the others are doing, they send the undead old-guard members to attack them.

An intense battle begins and then ends with most of the old-guard members crushed and some taken away by soul jockeys. Once the Klaxons realize they’ve been defeated, they try to escape but are stopped by the police. Since the brew workers showed up as witnesses, the Klaxons were arrested for arson and homicide. This puts an end to Klax Korp and the Klaxon’s plan of taking over Rust Bank.

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