Does Lino die in From Scratch? (What happens to Lino in From Scratch?)

Netflix has truly outdone itself with its new limited series From Scratch, a beautiful cross-cultural love story told through an eight-episode season that is so eloquently crafted.

The series follows Amy, an American student studying abroad in Italy, pursuing her dream of becoming an artist whose life is changed forever when she meets a charming Sicilian chef, Lino, during her stay in the town. While she first fends him off by pursuing another suitor, fate has other plans and the two are quickly drawn back to each other.

Once they finally give in to their feelings, the pair find themselves embroiled in a whirlwind romance as Lino returns to the United States and the pair pursue their dreams. However, when life throws them an unexpected curveball in the form of an unimaginable health challenge, the couple’s bond is tested in new ways.

Warning, the following post contains spoilers from From Scratch. If you don’t want to spoil the show and its larger storylines, this might be a good place to bounce back.

Does Lino die in From Scratch?

If you’ve just started watching From Scratch, chances are your curiosity was piqued by how the series begins. In the opening shot of the premiere, we see a teary-eyed Amy wandering around her kitchen where she’s hit with a flurry of flashbacks before picking up a brown newspaper from the counter. As she picks up the diary, we return to the beginning of Amy and Lino’s story as the series delves into the couple’s relationship and emotional love story.

The scene appears to be used to foreshadow what’s to come and sparks viewers’ curiosity early on as to what’s to come with Lino.

Unfortunately, the moment indeed foreshadowed a tragic end to Lino and Amy’s relationship, as the opening scene takes place at the end of the couple’s story after Lino’s death. Yes, Lino unfortunately dies in From Scratch, and trust us when we say his death will hit you like a ton of bricks even though it’s announced in the very first scene of the series.

What happens to Lino in From Scratch?

In the fourth episode of From Scratch, Lino seeks treatment for pain he is experiencing in his knee, which is when doctors discover he has a rare soft tissue cancer called leiomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that requires aggressive treatment. .

Lino begins treatment, and in the fifth season episode, he undergoes surgery to remove the tumor from his leg. While the doctors are successful in removing the tumor, after the surgery the doctor reveals that the cancer is like a weed, you pull it out and it can come back. He says they can continue treatment or participate in clinical trials that could give him a better chance of beating the cancer.

Without thinking, Lino and Amy decide to try clinical trials. Fortunately, Lino gets the real medicine, not the placebo. As Episode 6 rolls around, we jump forward several months and find that Lino is in remission and doing better after clinical trials.

After going into remission, Amy and Lino start a family and chase their dreams as the years start to tick away and it looks like the couple might have a happy ending after all. However, at the end of the episode, it is hinted that Lino’s cancer has returned – a diagnosis which is confirmed in the seventh episode.

We learn that the cancer has not only returned, but has now moved to Lino’s lungs and doctors are immediately beginning treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment doesn’t go as planned after they have to take a break from chemo when Lino gets an infection. His health continues to decline over time and it becomes clear there is nothing more doctors can do for him.

As Episode 7 draws to a close, Lino returns home to spend his final days surrounded by family and friends before finally succumbing to his illness and dying at the end of the seventh episode.

While we knew there was a chance that Lino’s story would end tragically, watching the journey unfold was a truly emotional journey filled with tears but also full of love and laughter.

From Scratch is now streaming on Netflix.