Does Zoe Saldana know Italian? Can she paint or draw in real life?

Netflix’s “From Scratch” follows the story of Amy, who leaves behind what is considered a safe and secure career to pursue her dreams in another country. She was ready to study law, but her love for art led her to move to Florence for a few months and study it. Here, not only does she decide to devote herself entirely to a career as an artist, but she also meets the love of her life, whose works are exhibited through the food he prepares. It’s not just Amy’s ability with pencils and brushes that sets her apart, we also see her being fluent in Italian over the years. When she arrives in Florence, she begins to learn Italian but is very bad. Later, however, it becomes very fluid. Taking on the role of someone with such talents required an actress of a similar caliber. Does this mean that Zoe Saldana shares these talents with Amy? Let’s find out.

Does Zoe Saldana speak Italian? Can she paint in real life?

Due to Lino’s Italian heritage, many conversations in “From Scratch” take place in Italian. Over the course of several years, Amy has also mastered the language and converses with her husband and in-laws in the same language. This meant that the actress playing her role had to be fluent in the language and Zoe Saldana happens to have that talent with languages.

Saldana’s father is from the Dominican Republic while her mother is from Costa Rica. She grew up with Spanish as her mother tongue and growing up in America made her fluent in English. French was also part of her mother tongue when she was a child, and her fluency in French and Spanish also helped her understand Italian and Portuguese. However, that’s not where Saldana’s connection with the Italian ends.

Much like her character in “From Scratch,” Saldana is tied to Italy through marriage. Her husband is Marco Perego, an Italian artist. He is a former professional footballer, but a leg injury forced him to retire. Following this he moved to New York to pursue a career in art through painting and sculpture, and soon enough his career took off. He and Saldana got married in 2013 and they took each other’s last name. They have three sons and the couple aims to make their children multilingual. Both speak Spanish, Italian and English with their children.

For Saldana, it’s not just about developing her children’s language skills. It’s about the importance and appreciation of the different cultures they come from. “It is a necessity for us to raise our children with our roots so that they can communicate with their grandparents, but also so that they can create a kind of empathy for human beings who do not look like them. , and do not look like them. and don’t smell like them,” she said.

For Reese Witherspoon Saldana’s personality and her Italian connection was the reason for casting her as Amy. They were at a dinner where Saldana was with her husband. The couple switched between languages ​​while talking to each other, and Witherspoon noted the ease with which they did so. She saw a lot of similarities between Amy and Saldana, and she offered her the role. While Saldana’s fluency in Italian certainly helped her play the role of Amy, it’s unclear whether she shares the same artistry with her on-screen persona. If she has a talent for painting or drawing, she hasn’t displayed it outside of her private life. However, the fact that her husband is an accomplished artist, one can assume that she received some advice from him to better represent Amy’s artistic side on the show.

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