Dubai Bling star Loujain Adada says ‘love has no age’ after marrying Walid

Loujain Adada gave Dubai Bling viewers an insight into her marriage with the late billionaire Walid Juffali, revealing that “love has no age.” She married him when she was 21 and he was in his late fifties, but what’s her age now?

She is one of the richest cast members on the Netflix series, which follows the lives of wealthy entrepreneurs living in a social circle in Dubai. A lot of her fortune comes from marrying Walid, who was worth an estimated $10 billion.

They had a $10 million wedding eight years ago. Fast-forward to now and Loujain has people questioning what her age and birthday is, having quit her career to focus on her family after tying the knot in her 20s.

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Loujain Adada’s age

Loujain is 33 years old at the time of writing, having been born to Lebanese parents in 1989. Her daughter Talia recently celebrated her eighth birthday on November 1st 2022, while her other child Lana was born on May 29 2016.

Born in California, Loujain spent a few years of her childhood there before she moved back to Lebanon with her family. She revealed on Dubai Bling that her mom left when she was two years old.

She added: “My early years of schooling began in The States then continued in Beirut.” Loujain also said on the Netflix series that her mother lives in the USA, but she doesn’t know which state.

Loujain added that he father lives in Egypt and that her parents got divorced when she was young.

‘Love has no age’ in LJ’s eyes

Popping out of a helicopter in a floor-length gown, Loujain Adada introduced herself on Dubai Bling and said that when she was 21 years old, she married a Saudi businessman in 2012. She said:

Many people criticized me because the age difference between us was almost 30 years. But love knows no age.

LJ, in tears, said on Dubai Bling that her late husband, Walid, was the “only one” who tried to reconnect her with her mother. He successfully reconnected them but she claimed they “had a fight” and that she hasn’t seen her since.

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Dubai Bling fans think she’s ‘mature’

Netflix subscribers who tuned into Dubai Bling have been describing Loujain as “mature.” Many compared her to the other cast members as one of the most wise for her age due to not getting involved in drama.

One fan said on Twitter: “Zeina talked about the girl and is mad cause someone told her. She’s too old for this kind of behavior. I thought she’d be mature like Loujain. #DubaiBling.”

Another revealed that co-star LJ “matures as the show went on and when she started hanging around Lojain.”

“Lojain is such a top notch human being. The way she cares about her friends and family, steers clear of the drama, genuinely wants good for everyone; When she spoke about having her children taken away, I welled up,” said a viewer.

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