Ebraheem Al Samadi’s mother helps him look for a wife on Dubai Bling

Ebraheem Al Samadi has joined Netflix’s Dubai Bling cast, bringing his mom into several scenes to chat all things for the future. She was eager for her son to find a wife to support him while he runs his biz Forever Rose.

His first business venture came at 14 years old in the form of an eBay store, selling thrift shop goods out of his mother’s Florida apartment. Since then, his main priority has been to make his mom and dad proud.

He joined the family business Al Samadi Group in 2010 as CEO of Retail, headed up by his father Husni Al Samadi. Since meeting Ebraheem’s mom on-screen, viewers wonder who she is and want to meet the rest of his family.

Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Netflix

Ebraheem Al Samadi’s mom

Ebraheem’s mom appears on Dubai Bling, and divorced his father Husni Al Samadi when he was just 13. While his mother tried her best to put food on the table, the teenager hated to see her tired after a long day of work.

She raised Ebraheem, the youngest of five brothers. The American mom was an 18-year-old orphan, divorcee, and mother-of-two when she met his father, who she lived in Kuwait with for over 10 years, Global Citizen reports.

Ever since, the Netflix star promised to provide for her by working hard. So, he started selling the clothes he didn’t need on eBay to bring in more cash. She was recently seen joining her son during a meet-up with friends on the show.

Helping Ebraheem to look for a potential wife, viewers have described his mom as “sweet” but didn’t understand why they sat separately at the auction on the series. She also told him that he needs a wife who supports him.

He is from a wealthy family

Ebraheem was born into a wealthy family in Kuwait. They run the Al Samadi Group, which describes itself on Instagram as the “most unique selection of foreign brands in the Middle East.” Ebraheem works as CEO of Retail for the firm.

Businesses under the Dubai-based Al Samadi Group are Forever Rose Cafe – owned by Ebraheem – as well as Nablus, Chickery, Big Smoke, My Imenso, Wired Up, and Rogue Coffee. The firm’s business is at a headquarters in the city.

His father, a Kuwaiti businessman, owned a villa in Florida, but young Ebraheem chose to leave the family home and move into a one-bedroom apartment with his mother after his parents divorced.

Dubai Bling star’s family

Ebraheem’s father is Husni Al Samadi, while the Netflix star also has a sister called Aisha Alkhudair who studied at University of Central Florida. Alongside Aisha, he has four other siblings Mariam, Abdullah, Zainab and Halima.

According to Global Citizen, while studying in the USA, Samadi’s father, a hotelier, met Ebraheem’s mother outside a mosque. After tying the knot, they reportedly moved to Kuwait before welcoming their son Ebraheem.

During their relationship, the two had to flee on the brink of the Gulf War, when Ebraheem was aged two, Global Citizen reports. He went on to run a used car dealership, and partnered with his father on a mobile phone franchise.

By 2010, Ebraheem began investing in Dubai, which he now calls home. He has also stayed in close contact with his mother, as we can see on Dubai Bling as she tries to help him find a relationship.



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