Fans skip Kourtney and Travis’ scenes on The Kardashians because they’re “boring”

Fans skip Kourtney and Travis’ scenes on The Kardashians because they’re ‘boring’8:[email protected] Kandpal

The Kardashians season 2 on Hulu is in full swing but after the recent episode aired, many fans took to Twitter to say that they were finding Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s storyline this season really “boring.“

After ending their 14-year-long run on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the famous reality family returned with a brand new reality show called The Kardashians in 2022.

The new reality show features all five sisters, their matriarch Kris along with their giant entourage of friends.

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Kourtney dishes out details about drunken Las Vegas wedding

In the episode on October 27th of The Kardashians season 2, Kourtney delved into the details of how exactly her and Travis’ Las Vegas wedding came to be.

The couple dished out the details as they prep for a photo shoot for Daring vegan chicken. 

Despite the saying what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Simon Huck asks them, “Can we talk about Vegas? What happened?” 

The mother of three explains in a confessional that the Vegas wedding was a spontaneous drunken plan she and Travis came up with when having vegan sushi at a strip mall.

Understandably, Kourtney’s memory of the night is faint. Hence, she shows Simon a video from that night.

The video is not shown to us first-hand. Instead, we look over the shoulders to see an Elvis impersonator “marry” Travis and Kourtney.

“It was a hot slob kabob affair,” the Poosh founder says. The couple was unable to secure a marriage license since it was 2 am.

Kris says to Kim in the episode that she would have been disappointed if Kourtney’s Vegas wedding was legitimate. The mother of five didn’t want to miss her daughter’s legally binding wedding. Thankfully, we already know that she didn’t miss it.

Fans think Kourtney and Travis are boring on The Kardashians

“This season is so boring. Skipping through Kourtney and Travis (just cringey AF), skipping through Kendall like, where is the drama? Where is the family holiday?” one fan wrote.

“Opening the show with Kourtney and Travis I just know this episode is going to be so boring,” a second person wrote.

“We skip Kourtney’s scenes right? ,” a third person asked.

Kim Kardashian pulls off SKIMS supermodel shoot

The latest The Kardashians season 2 episode also showed how Kim and her team pulled off the photoshoot with supermodels for her shape-wear brand, SKIMS.

Kim is seen preparing for her new campaign, which she dubbed the Icons. The shoot features supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Candice Swanepoel, and Tyra Banks.

The reality star doesn’t yet know if Tyra would be able to make it given her busy schedule.

Once Kim does get all four supermodels of her choice, she is fangirling the heck out.

During Kim’s chat with the models, North walks in and doesn’t seem to care about the hoopla.

Tyra raves about using Kim’s toilet and Heidi questions if Kim won’t be in the shoot with them.

The businesswoman finally hops in, giving audiences iconic pictures featuring all the powerful women in a single frame.

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