Fans Want Dru Winters Back

For decades, The Young and the Restless has captivated viewers of all ages. The acclaimed soap opera has weathered many changing tides in the television landscape to continuously produce quality content that has kept fans riveted to their screens. These days, The Young and the Restless is going strong and is now celebrating its 50th season on the air. Fans who are invested in future plotlines have a lot to say about what the coming months will bring, with some outspoken viewers taking to Twitter to tell producers exactly what character they would like to see make a comeback.

‘The Young and the Restless’ is celebrating Season 50

The Young and the Restless premiered on television in 1973 and has been going strong ever since – weathering a pandemic and changing tastes in episodic television. Over the years, many different characters have appeared in the beloved soap opera, but few were as enduring and iconic as Dru Winters, played by Victoria Rowell. Dru was first brought into the show in 1990, and although the character had a rough start, she quickly endeared herself to viewers.

Dru worked hard to make it to the top, becoming a ballet dancer and eventually a model. However, her intense rivalry with Phyllis Summers caused her no end of heartache. In the end, Dru’s contentious relationship with Phyllis would cause the two of them to get into an altercation and for Dru to take a tumble off a cliff. Her body was never recovered, but the character of Dru was presumed dead, and in 2007, Rowell departed the show.

How do fans want Dru Winters to return to ‘The Young and the Restless’?

Victoria Rowell receiving a Daytime Drama Series award | M. Phillips/WireImage for The Lippin Group via Getty Images

Dru Winters hasn’t been back on The Young and the Restless since the character was written off in 2007, but fans have never forgotten Dru. According to Daily Soap Dish, Dru is one reliable character that would almost certainly shake things up if she was brought back to the show in some capacity – and fans seem to agree. In a recent Twitter thread, dedicated fans sounded off on what they would like to see in future episodes of the soap, with one fan writing, “Storylines I would like to see in 2023: Sharon’s daddy coming to visit her, Dru Winters coming home, Sharon’s daddy coming to visit her, Dru Winters coming home.”

“And also Dru Winters coming home. Only this show doesn’t deserve her,” another fan noted. 

What happened behind the scenes with Dru Winters’ actor: Victoria Rowell?

Dru Winters might have gone MIA, but Victoria Rowell, the actor who played the character for 17 years, has remained a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, even appearing on other soap operas. In 2015, years after leaving The Young and the Restless, Rowell filed a suit against CBS, alleging that she experienced “years of racial discrimination, harassment, and resistance from the upper echelons of CBS to increase diversity on the show.”

The actor claimed that CBS refused to re-hire her for The Young and the Restless due to her outspoken attempts to increase diversity. She even addressed several cast members in her claims, alleging that she was racially targeted and mocked on the set. The court battle between Rowell and CBS lasted two years until it was dismissed in 2017. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a judge on the case was informed of a settlement, which prompted him to dismiss Rowell’s case. Since then, there has been no news of the actor making a potential return to The Young and the Restless – and with the bad blood between the star and the studio, it seems unlikely that fans will see Dru in any storylines in the near future.

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