Farrah Brittany faces plastic surgery rumors as fans talk ‘changing face’

Farrah Brittany is facing plastic surgery speculation as she shares what it’s like to work for The Agency, the subject of Netflix’s new reality series Buying Beverly Hills. Let’s see what fans are saying about her ‘changing face’.

Known as Kyle Richards’ eldest daughter, Farrah now works as a real estate agent at The Agency, which she co-founded with grandfather Eduardo Umansky and her stepdad Mauricio, who is married to her mother.

While letting cameras capture all the goings-on of the real estate industry, Farrah has been hit with surgery rumors. She has never spoken out about whether she’s gone under the knife but fans have made their own assumptions.

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Farrah Brittany: Plastic surgery rumors

Farrah is facing plastic surgery rumors but has never spoken publicly about cosmetic procedures. During this speculation, many pick up on her beauty which she has maintained over the years.

A fan commented on her Instagram recently and wrote: “Can you get any prettier? Beautiful 💕.” This is one of thousands of compliments that the Buying Beverly Hills star receives on a daily basis, amid the rumors.

Even an entire Reddit thread is dedicated to Farrah’s everchanging appearance, where someone has written:

She’s absolutely stunning yet she has very obviously had surgery (compared to the earlier seasons [of RHOBH]).

Many agree that they think she looks very different now compared to before, with most rumors pointing to a potential nose job. However, none of the speculations has been confirmed or denied by Farrah herself.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have contacted Farrah and Netflix for comment.

Farrah Aldjufrie attends the Lakers casino night at Staples Center on April 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

How Farrah looked ‘before’ Netflix

Farrah has grown up in the public eye, meaning there are plenty of online photos of how she looked before her alleged surgery. However, it could just be dying her hair blonde and going through puberty that explains the changes.

Many have attributed her looks to an uncanny resemblance to her mom Kyle, who has gone under the knife herself. She has had a breast reduction, liposuctions, and two nose jobs, the latest of which was to fix a broken nose.

The RHOBH star has also admitted to getting Botox over the years in addition to “lasers and PRP on my face,” as reported by US Weekly. Her daughter Farrah, however, appears to have a different eye and face shape than before.

Fans discuss her ‘changing face’

Since Buying Beverly Hills was released on Netflix, viewers have been discussing what they believe to be Farrah’s appearance changes over the years. The photos shared online span from her much younger self to now.

One fan wrote: “Looks like she got a nose job and lost weight, same as her mom.”

Another penned: “I don’t find many on this show to be likable except Farrah. She’s dope. I do wish she’d stop whatever she’s doing to her face & I don’t like how her boyfriend wasn’t jumping at the chance to marry her.”

“I’m sorry but Farrah has a very hard face. She looks far older than 34 or whatever 30s she is claiming,” said a viewer.

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