Halloween Comes to St. Bonaventure and Shaun and Glassman Work to Help Lim

The Good Doctor returns for Season 6 Episode 5. During this episode, Shaun, Asher, and Powell team up to help a patient with a unique issue. Also, Glassman and Shaun work together to help Lim.

The San Jose St. Bonaventure team help a patient in need

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During The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 5 (titled “Growth Opportunities”), Shaun, Asher, and Powell treat a patient with an uncommon medical issue. The patient has a rare genetic disorder, so the team must use all the tools in their toolbox.

Also, it’s Halloween at St. Bonaventure. Asher is ready for the festivities and wears a green Yoda costume. Shaun seems puzzled by his outfit and asks him why he’s green. Lea also dresses up in a Star War’s themed outfit. Powell dresses up as a pirate and Park dresses up as Wolverine.

Shaun and Glassman must work together

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Shaun thinks he might have found a way to reverse Lim’s paralysis. However, he will need Dr. Glassman’s help. It will also be important for Lim to be on board with whatever they decide.

It might be difficult for Lim to accept Shaun’s suggestion because she’s still angry with him about the outcome of her surgery. Lim blames Shaun for her paralysis and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. She told him that from now on, it will be “medicine only” between them.

What happened last time on ‘The Good Doctor’

During The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4 (titled “Shrapnel”), Lim tries to move on with her life and accept her paralysis. She says she “set boundaries” and she’s happier because of it.

Lim is trying to move forward by speaking her mind and being more independent. She drives herself to work, does her own grocery shopping, and continues to work as a surgeon. There’s also a possible romance in the works between Lim and her neighbor. Her neighbor often asks her if she needs help. Lim rewarded his kindness with a meal in her apartment. They later made plans to have dinner at a local restaurant.

Also, the team helps a patient who was injured after participating in a Civil War re-enactment. His hobby upsets Dr. Powell because she served in the military, and she feels he’s taking military service lightly.   

This episode also shows the development of a possible relationship between Dr. Jordan Allen and Dr. Daniel Perez. They spend time getting to know each other while they wait at the beach for a search and rescue team to locate the foot of a patient who came in earlier. They almost kiss, but Perez pulls back before it can happen.

Hopefully, Perez will offer an explanation. It seems like he’s attracted to Jordan, so it was surprising when he didn’t kiss her. Judging from the episode sneak peek, it appears the two are on speaking terms and have moved past that awkward moment.

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