Halloween Horror Nights brings a unique blend of terror and pop music to Universal Studios

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is the premier Halloween event that attracts millions of guests each year. Universal spares no expense in creating spooky houses and areas that terrify guests and send them home with nightmares. One of the new houses that are generating interest this year is The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare.

The house combines The Weeknd’s After Hours aesthetic with fear and chaos. While The Weeknd isn’t usually terrifying, Universal has taken this house on a confusing trip into madness with a killer soundtrack.

‘The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare’ brings The Weeknd to Halloween horror nights

The Weeknd and the backup dancers | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TW

Halloween Horror Nights is Universal’s annual Halloween event that brings thrills and chills to guests. While other theme parks hold haunted events, Universal tops them with its vast catalog of immersive and horrifying houses. In 2022, Universal Orlando has 10 impressive houses, with six original houses and others based on Halloween, Blumhouse productions and Universal monsters.

The biggest draw of the event this year is The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare. Although not the first house to be based on a musical artist, The Weeknd was still a surprising theme for a haunted house. However, fans of The Weeknd who have watched his music videos for After Hours songs know there are plenty of horror images and influences.

‘After Hours’ Clips Are Distorted And Turned Into Your Worst Nightmares

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While the house is themed around 2020’s After Hours album, it mainly uses four songs: “Blinding Lights”, “In Your Eyes”, “Heartless” and “Save Your Tears”. Once guests enter the house, they are greeted by a model from The Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye) in a chair as wires shoot ideas and images from his brain. After that, the nightmare begins.

The guests enter a dark nightclub where they are immediately greeted by Abel, with his red suit and afro, slitting someone’s throat. As you continue through the maze, you’re chased by bandaged versions of Abel and other plastic surgery patients who rush at you with a knife, trying to make you smile. The alerts are effective and it is difficult to know where they will come from.

The Weeknd himself transforms, similar to his evolution in the After Hours music videos. He starts with bandages, and his face gets more twisted with each piece. At one point, he even becomes a giant frog monster that emerges from the darkness, reminiscent of the frog he licks in “Heartless.”

Meanwhile, guests continue to flee from ever-changing Abel as they traverse hotel hallways, subway stations, hospital rooms, and a disorienting maze of mirrors similar to his Super Bowl performance. It all ends in a room where the guests are surrounded by several blindfolded men, not knowing which one is real.

How scary is “After Hours Nightmare”?

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After Hours Nightmare is one of the spookiest houses available at the event this year. The Weeknd constantly leaps from dark corners, and there are a variety of other scares, including an effective scene where creepy actors wear costumes that camouflage themselves in the wallpaper. It is also a visually appealing house as it contains impressive decors and dazzling light shows.

This house is an absolute must for The Weeknd fans and horror fans alike. It’s one of the best houses of the whole night, and Universal does a terrific job of bringing The Weeknd’s demented imagination to life.

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