‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry shared warning with Alan Thicke before his sudden death: ‘Don’t be stubborn’

Months before actor and TV icon Alan Thicke collapsed and died unexpectedly, he sat down for a reading with Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry. During their meeting, Henry told Thicke that he received an urgent message from someone related to him imploring him not to be stubborn about his health.

Specifically, Henry mentioned that he felt someone wanted Thicke to “keep in mind” his heart. And this detail related to Thicke’s death a few months later.

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Tyler Henry shared a chilling warning with Alan Thicke on ‘Hollywood Medium’

When Thicke invited Henry to his home for a psychic reading, he admitted he was skeptical. Still, he remained friendly and seemed open to what Henry had to say.

At first, the famed psychic focused on Thicke’s grandmother, Robin Thicke’s great-grandmother. The actor seemed satisfied with what he had heard about him.

Then Henry said he needed to share something else that came through very strongly. “I kind of have to go to the heart,” he told her. “So keep that in mind,” he offered, before adding that a few people reached out to him and “recognized the passage in a somewhat similar sense.”

“It’s almost like saying, ‘Keep your own heart in mind.’ Because there is a man who was very stubborn who died and who confesses to having died because of this heart problem. His message is: ‘Don’t be stubborn like I was.’ »

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Alan Thicke collapsed while playing hockey and died months after Tyler Henry shared his warning

As reported by USA Today, Thicke collapsed while playing hockey with his youngest son in 2016 and later died in hospital. Medical experts said he suffered a ruptured aorta, a major artery that carries blood from the heart.

Notably, it’s also the death of Three’s Company star John Ritter. A cardiologist told USA Today that diagnosis isn’t always quick. “Most people assume it’s a heart attack, so sometimes the diagnosis is delayed,” he said. “So you must have a strong suspicion.”

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Tyler Henry hadn’t planned to air Alan Thicke’s reading

According to an interview Henry gave to Today, he originally planned not to air Thicke’s reading. But he said a conversation with the Growing Pains star’s widow changed his mind. The wealthy Hollywood medium shared, “She actually wanted this aired because she wanted to show the world Alan’s legacy and really honor his life.”

“And when you watch this episode, that’s really what it’s about. It’s not so focused on his passing. He’s the amazing, amazing man that he was,” he said. he added, “He was like a father to so many people across the country, so being able to connect was really special.”

Henry said the reading and subsequent death of Thicke was “a really interesting experience” because Thicke was “a total skeptic”.

He explained: “Essentially what happened was a loved one, who died of heart disease, came over and said, ‘Alan, you need to have your heart checked. Don’t be stubborn like I was. He was skeptical and, unfortunately, he finally passed away a few months later.

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