How Kane Brown Fans Knew He Was Engaged Before It Was Announced

Kane Brown has broadened the reach of country music with his genre-blending sound. But some of his fans are so enthusiastic they may be paying too much attention to the award-winning artist. At least that’s what happened when Brown’s fans spoiled the news of his engagement to current wife Katelyn Jae before the singer could announce it.

Kane Brown released his 1st studio album in 2016

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Brown’s debut studio album was released in 2016. But by then the singer had already started to build up a huge fan base. In 2014, Brown began posting videos of his country hit covers on Facebook. Thanks to this viral momentum, he successfully launched his first original song, “Used to Love You Sober”, and attracted the attention of major labels.

Before long, Brown’s breakthrough hit appeared on Chapter 1 of the 2016 EP, released on RCA Nashville. That same year, the label released Brown’s self-titled debut album, featuring the hits “What Ifs” and “Heaven”. Another album, Experiment, followed in 2018. By then, Brown and her fans had established a strong bond propelling her career.

Fans announced Kane Brown’s engagement

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae Brown in October 2021 | John Shearer/Getty Images for CMT/Viacom

On The Bobby Bones Show earlier this year, Brown explained that an innocent mistake led fans to realize that he and Katelyn Jae were engaged. They therefore became more cautious with the news of their second child, born at the end of 2021.

“Our engagement, when I asked her to marry me, we just did a regular video in the car. People saw the ring on her finger. So our fans announced that we were engaged. So [with our second child,] we were like, ‘We want this’, to say we’re going to have a baby on our own terms.

Over the years, Brown and his wife have learned to better navigate social media. But their willingness to divulge personal details at their discretion certainly has merit.

The couple kept Katelyn’s second pregnancy a secret

When they realized they were expecting another child, Katelyn and Kane Brown didn’t just seek to announce the baby when they felt the time was right. They decided to keep the entire pregnancy a secret, he told The Bobby Bones Show.

“I think she was already four months pregnant, and we were like, ‘When are we going to announce it?’ And she was like, ‘I guess I just want to keep it a secret,’ because the last time – and I’m not kidding anyone – I sent a picture to my older brother and he put it on the social media before we announced it, so everyone already knew about it, and it was a bit upsetting.

With how much Kane Brown opens up about his emotions through music, it’s a wonder that frustration with fame hasn’t been a bigger theme in his songs, at least not yet.

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