How many people did he kill?

The Good Nurse is set to hit Netflix on Wednesday, October 26, and people are reading everything they can know about the movie. If you didn’t already know, the thriller is based on true events from the true crimes of Charles Cullen, a former nurse and serial killer responsible for the deaths of numerous hospital patients during his 16-year medical career. .

Before Charles Cullen started working as a nurse, he served in the United States Navy for a short time. During his time in the Navy, it is believed that he was bullied and bullied, which led to several suicide attempts. As reported by History vs. Hollywood, there was even a bizarre incident where Charles was discovered sitting at the missile controls of the USS Woodrow Wilson wearing scrubs, a surgical mask, and gloves. But he never explained why he decided to dress that way.

After being medically discharged from the Navy in 1984, Charles enrolled in nursing school at Mountainside Hospital and graduated in 1986. Shortly after graduation, he began working as a nurse in the burn unit at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. This hospital would be the site of his first murder. After leaving Saint Barnabas, Charles went on to work in numerous hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, murdering helpless patients until his arrest in 2003.

So how many people did Charles Cullen actually murder? Here’s what we know below.

How many people did Charles Cullen murder?

The exact number of people Charles murdered during his nursing career is unknown. When Charles was arrested and brought to the police station in December 2003, he only began to confess to his crimes when nurse Amy Loughren got him to talk. Charles eventually admits to authorities that he killed Reverend Florian Gall and attempted to murder Jin Kyung Han, both patients at Somerset Medical Center.

Additionally, Charles confessed to police that he had committed up to 40 murders in the numerous hospitals where he worked. However, he is believed to have murdered many more people. According to People, he is suspected of being responsible for the murder of 400 patients. Unfortunately, we may never know the exact number unless Charles confesses.

Ultimately, Charles was convicted of 29 murders and sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences in 2006. Although he admitted to killing up to 40 patients, only 29 could be confirmed. Charles was not sentenced to death because he promised to cooperate with authorities through a plea deal. As of October 25, Charles was currently serving 18 consecutive life sentences at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey.

How did Charles Cullen murder patients?

Charles murdered patients by injecting their intravenous bags with lethal doses of insulin and heart medications such as digoxin. He was able to go from hospital to hospital without any problem because there was a shortage of nurses at the time. Also, most hospitals were afraid of lawsuits, so they decided not to conduct their own investigations even though they suspected Charles of being responsible for the deaths of patients.

The Good Nurse hits Netflix on October 26. Be sure to check it out!