How The Little Couple Bill and Jen Arnold Became Millionaires Through TV Stardom

Bill and Jen Arnold, otherwise known as The Little Couple, shared their lives with the world. Since becoming famous on television, the couple have become millionaires and have now returned to the media world.

Three years after their last TLC appearance, the duo shared their home buying process on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer on Oct. 19. The couple and their two children, Will and Zoey, moved from Florida to the Boston area for Jen’s job.

So how did the husband and wife couple accumulate massive net worth? Reality Titbit takes a look at how they got into the world of television, bought a gorgeous farmhouse in New England, and where they are today.

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How much is The Little Couple worth?

The little couple is worth $3.5 million, reports Celebrity Net Worth. Jen derives most of her income as a neonatologist who earned her master’s degree in medical education from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

She and her husband, who works in medical supplies and telemarketing, moved to Houston, Texas in 2009 because she was offered a job at the Texas Childrens’ Hospital. At the same time, they were hired to host their own TLC show.

The show, The Little Couple, ran for 12 seasons until it went on hiatus three years ago. During her run, they started their own business, adopted two children, and dealt with Jen’s cancer treatment.

Earlier in October, the family’s beloved dog, Rocky, passed away. During his life, he had inspired Jen and Bill to open their own pet store, Rocky and Maggie’s, in Houston, Texas, which they spent a lot of time working on.

Are Bill and Jen Arnold still on TV?

Bill and Jen’s TLC show is no longer on TV, but they recently did a stint on HGTV on Farmhouse Fixer. Besides their brief appearance, the couple regularly share family updates on social media.

The couple, who both suffer from skeletal dysplasia, were originally featured in a one-hour TLC special, Little People: Just Married in 2009. They later got another season of The Little People, and a third was quickly renewed.

TLC then aired its twelfth season in 2019. However, that was the last time Bill and Jen would appear on a regular television show. Since then, they have made no announcement to return to screens for a permanent period.

Their episode Farmhouse Fixer

Bill and Jen wanted the help of Farmhouse Fixer host Jonathan Knight and designer Kristina after buying a $2.1 million mansion earlier this year. The house includes a balcony, an outdoor built-in barbecue, an outdoor fireplace and a three-car garage.

The family moved to Massachusetts for Jen’s new job at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. As a result, they now have a dressing room, a marble bathroom, a double sink, a shower and a bathtub.

In a $3.64million deal, the couple sold their Snell Isle estate in early 2022 before moving on to design their dream farmhouse on the HGTV show. They decided to have a pantry installed, get new wallpaper, and have cabinets built.

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