Indy Calls Terrance ‘Sexist’ and Says He Didn’t Wear Underwear in the House

Big Brother 24 houseguest Terrance Higgins bothered some of the houseguests, and viewers, with how he spoke about women. Indy Santos called him out for being sexist and revealed he didn’t wear underwear in the house.

Terrance Higgins reportedly didn’t wear underwear in the Big Brother house

During his time in the Big Brother house, Terrance Higgins rubbed many fans the wrong way with how he spoke about the women, namely eventual winner Taylor Hale.

Although he apologized, Terrance mainly doubled down on his behavior in a recent interview with YouTuber The Real Late Night Crew. A few days afterward, Big Brother 24 houseguest Indy Santos responded to his comments.

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She explained that she felt “disrespected” by him in the house and spoke with producers in the Diary Room about it. Apparently, production talked with Terrance because Indy noted he apologized to her. However, she pointed out that he acted as if he didn’t know what he said or did to offend her. “That’s what a sexist does,” Indy said.

She claims they pretend they don’t know what they’re saying but then “attack” you by blaming the person for the treatment. According to Indy, the Chicago native spoke poorly about nearly every female houseguest. She also claimed he didn’t wear underwear in the house, which she called “disgusting.” Alyssa Snider seemingly corroborated her story to Taylor and a couple of other players in the kitchen. 

Terrance has responded to misogynistic accusations

In the October 21 interview, Terrance responded to accusations that he was misogynistic. He insisted the claims didn’t make sense due to his 20-year career as a karaoke DJ that primarily caters to women.

Additionally, he noted he packs out his rooms which he believes wouldn’t happen if he were a misogynist. Houseguests, including Jasmine Davis, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor, felt Terrance might condone domestic violence due to his support and admiration for rapper and podcaster Joe Budden.

He acknowledged the criticism in the interview, clarifying that he didn’t excuse it. A conversation that happened off-Live Feeds with Terrance upset Brittany, and she received advice from Joseph Abdin and Taylor.

It’s unclear what happened, but fans deduced from discussions caught on Feeds that it had something to do with a comment he made about domestic violence. It seemed as though it did as Terrance apologized to Brittany for giving the impression that he condoned it. However, he noted he wished she had approached him directly, adding he thought she talked to other people about it to gain sympathy.

Indy Santos also called Daniel Durston xenophobic

Nearly a month after the Big Brother 24 finale, pre-juror Daniel Durston, who was close with Terrance in the house, went live on Instagram to answer fans’ questions.

When talking about Indy, he claimed she would do well in the Brazilian adaptation but doesn’t believe she understands the American version. He insisted he “got stuck with these clowns” who didn’t know how to play or refused to.

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A viewer posted a clip of his video and uploaded it to Twitter, where followers began tagging Indy. One fan considered the comment “low-key xenophobic,” and Indy agreed, responding that she “got stuck with a sexist and xenophobic” who doesn’t respect anyone.

In another tweet, the California native blasted Daniel and pointed out that he’s not more intelligent than her, apparently knows the game better as she made it further, and got accepted after her first try, whereas he has admittedly applied for years. She uploaded a final video addressing him, in which she got emotional. Big Brother is available to stream on Paramount+.