Is ‘Big Brother’ Winner Xavier Prather Dating Anyone?

Big Brother champion Xavier Prather appeared to have a fling with Alyssa Lopez before the two returned for The Challenge: USA. Is he currently dating anyone?

Xavier Prather is dating Kenzie Hansen

On his way to winning Big Brother 23, Xavier Prather had a few potential showmances. King’s teammate Whitney Williams seemed to have a crush on him and spent a lot of time with him, much to the ire of his Cookout ally, Azah Awasum.

Azah also caught feelings for him, so she eagerly voted Whitney out of the house. She eventually revealed her “middle school crush” on Xavier to him, who seemed surprised.

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However, he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Instead, the Wisconsin-based lawyer appeared to have a crush on Alyssa Lopez. In a conversation with Hannah Chaddha, he admitted he considered her “mad cute” and was grateful she and Christian Birkenberger found each other, or he would’ve been tempted to get into a showmance with her.

Following their season, many fans thought they began dating after she and Christian broke up, but neither confirmed it. A year later, Xavier revealed his girlfriend Kenzie Hansen in an Instagram post when the two dressed up as The Incredibles’ Frozone and Elastigirl for Halloween 2022.

Xavier won ‘Big Brother 23’ in 2021

Houseguests Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Derek “Big D” Frazier, Azah, Hannah, and Xavier teamed up, forming The Cookout, during the first week of Big Brother 23 with the goal of one of them becoming the first Black winner in the history of the American franchise.

Therefore, Tiffany implemented the “plus one” plan in which each member publicly teamed up with an outlier so they would never get nominated together and always control the votes.

Her plan worked, and the alliance bulldozed through the competition to the final six, becoming the first alliance to make it to the end intact.

Once it dwindled to the Cookout members, Kyland sided with Xavier and targeted Tiffany first, making her the first casualty from the historic alliance. After orchestrating the eviction of Kyland, considering him his biggest threat, Xavier won his way to the end. He decided to sit next to Big D and unanimously won the competition, becoming the fourth player in American franchise history to do so.

Xavier didn’t last long in ‘The Challenge: USA’

Following his win, Xavier appeared on the spinoff The Challenge: USA alongside Tiffany, Azah, Kyland, Alyssa, and another BB23 cast member, Derek Xiao.

He didn’t want to work with his Cookout allies, and Alyssa and Derek teamed up against them, wanting “revenge” for getting played by the historic alliance.

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Alyssa explained she fully attached her game to Xavier only to find out he never worked with her. Therefore, she quickly targeted him in USA, deeming him someone she couldn’t trust. The Florida native took her shot during episode 4, the first time she won power.

Alyssa and then-teammate Kyland threw Xavier and his then-partner Shan Smith into elimination against the daily losers David Alexander and Justine Ndiba. The BB23 champ lost and expressed his beliefs that they made a personal move instead of a game one, which he thought would ruin their chances of making it to the finals. Big Brother and The Challenge are available to stream on Paramount+.