Is Eileen and Roz’s partnership over?

ABC’s new drama Alaska Daily centers on Eileen Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank. She’s a journalist who accepts a new job in Anchorage, Alaska, after being rejected in New York for writing an article about the Secretary of Defense. And her new investigation focuses on missing and murdered Native women in Alaska. Read on for a recap of Alaska Daily Episode 3 and Eileen’s ongoing investigation into Gloria Nanmac’s death.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Alaska Daily Season 1 Episode 3, “It’s Not Personal.”]

Grace Dove as Roz Friendly | ABC/Darko Sikman

Eileen and Roz confront the police in episode 3 of “Alaska Daily”

Eileen and Roz Friendly fly to Meade with Gloria’s mother, Sylvie, to further investigate Gloria’s case in Episode 3 of The Alaska Daily. Meade was her hometown, so Eileen and Roz are staying with Sylvie.

After they arrive, Eileen and Roz disagree on their next steps. Eileen thinks they should go to the cops first to ask for a police report. However, Roz states that they should go to the cultural council and inform them of the situation while offering a gift. Eileen holds her ground, but Roz warns her that they don’t want to make an enemy of the council. They end up going to the police station.

There they sit down with Chief Durkin, who was in charge of Gloria’s case. Durkin agrees to review the report, remove any “sensitive information” and release it to reporters.

Eileen and Roz leave the police station and head to the crime scene and Skeeter’s house. They ask around and get Skeeter’s real name – Clarence Redding. And they find out that the police are confiscating drugs and selling them. At some point, Eileen and Roz meet Roz’s half-brother, Derek, whom she has never met. They share a father who left Roz when she was a baby.

At Sylvie’s, Eileen and Roz receive the police report, but almost everything is redacted. They decide to investigate Durkin by trying to get his monthly reports, but City Hall refuses to turn them over. Eileen goes to Derek, who works payroll, for help behind Roz’s back. Eileen receives the reports and Roz is furious with her for turning to Derek.

Roz meets with the head of the cultural council to ask him if he’s had any trouble with the local police. There’s a girl who went to the cops when her boyfriend beat her up, but Durkin determined her case was “baseless.” Her case is one of many, and she’s willing to stand up to Durkin. Eileen and Roz later find out that the police have dismissed over 70 sexual assault cases against women.

The duo track down Durkin and confront him. He admits he’s prejudiced against Native women, and Eileen and Roz record it all.

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Austin’s case of the week involves a conflict of interest at the newspaper

Austin Teague is working on a story about a senatorial candidate, Frank Moses, in episode 3 of the Alaska Daily. He interviews her in a cafe, but the politician has an emergency and has to leave before it can be done. Bob Young informs Austin that an environmental activist leaked photos of dead fish in the Meacham tailings pond, and LH Mining is responsible.

Moses tweets his support for the fishing industry and his distaste for the leaked photos.

Stanley Cornik, played by Jeff Perry, assigns tasks to the team on the scandal, including responses from political candidates. Austin recruits Yuna Park to help him dig into Moses’ finances. They discover that mysterious LLCs are funding Moses’ campaign. And Austin and Bob connect the LLC-related names to LH Mining board members.

They pass the information to Stanley, but he wants Austin to verify that LH Mining is not supporting other candidates, which angers Austin. He thinks they are holding back because Aaron Pritchard, owner of the Daily Alaskan, supports Moses. Stanley meets Aaron, who tries to persuade him not to publish the story of Moses. However, this made him suspicious of the owner.

Stanley later gives Austin the green light to publish his story about Moses’ ties to LH Mining.

Roz gives Eileen an ultimatum in episode 3 of “Alaska Daily”

Eileen and Roz return to Anchorage at the end of Episode 3 of Alaska Daily and meet Stanley. The editor agrees that they should continue with Durkin’s story.

Before leaving, Roz confronts Eileen about going behind her back with Derek. She wants her to stop being a “bitch”, and if she pulls anything else, Roz breaks off their partnership. Eileen agrees and they walk out of Stanley’s office.

Elsewhere, Yuna meets with a therapist to discuss Jordan Teller’s suicide and the online hate she receives about her article about him. And Austin’s ex-wife, Anna, informs him that she has an offer for a new job in Chicago. Anna will accept it, and she wants to take their son with her. Austin, understandably, tries to convince her to reconsider.

The final scene features Stanley looking into the Pritchard family.

Alaska Daily airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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