‘It All Got Very Chaotic’

Even though Billie Lourd has seemingly been in the spotlight her whole entire life, the 30-year-old actor has been building a lot of momentum when it comes to her career. Her late mother, Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia, set the bar pretty high, and Lourd has been delivering. 

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Fittingly enough, Lourd’s first on-screen appearance came in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Shortly, fans of Scream Queens got to enjoy watching her in the Fox series.

Appearing to be quite a fan of horror, Lourd has played multiple characters on the iconic FX series American Horror Story. From 2019’s Booksmart to her cameo appearance on Will & Grace, Lourd is truly doing it all, on and off the screen. 

Billie Lourd in ‘Ticket to Paradise’

It seems like almost everyone is talking about Ticket to Paradise, and rightfully so. Thanks to the witty and funny romcom, Lourd had the opportunity to work alongside industry legends like Julia Roberts and George Clooney. 

In Ticket to Paradise, formerly married Roberts and Clooney head to their daughter’s wedding in an attempt to secretly stop it. In what some might call a reverse Parent Trap, Lourd was cast to play the part of Wren Butler, the official BFF of the bride. 

Billie Lourd filmed ‘Ticket to Paradise’ while breastfeeding her teething baby and omicron quarantining

The AU Review interviewed the cast and discussed their experiences filming Ticket to Paradise. Director Ol Parker said, “it all got very chaotic” while they filmed during the omicron variant of coronavirus.

When it came to Lourd, she shared that Queensland would always be very special to her and a “core memory.” Having her young son present with her seemed to make the experience that much more challenging yet meaningful. In the interview with Peter Gray, Lourd explained,

“I made my kid a little book of (being there) because he won’t remember [because] he’s a year old. And I’m going to force him to remember because it was incredible. The jetlag, the teething, the breastfeeding, the quarantining.  But it was the most incredible few months of my life.” 

After all, it must not have been too bad considering at the premiere of Ticket to Paradise, the American Horror Story actor revealed she was pregnant with baby number two and absolutely glowing about it. 

What have other cast members of ‘Ticket to Paradise’ shared regarding their quarantine experiences? 

Anyone who has seen Ticket to Paradise or caught a glimpse of the trailer has seen the stunning views and backdrops where the movie was filmed. In the movie, the wedding takes place in Bali, but in reality, the filming took place in Queensland, Australia. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Roberts shared:

“When we first got to Australia, and we were all quarantining, you kind of go a little bit cuckoo. I remember right around Day 11, I was like, ‘Who am I? Where am I? What is this room that I never leave?’ It’s a funny thing. I hadn’t really anticipated all that.” 

Quarantining themselves was one thing, but Clooney also pointed out the added nuances when family, friends, or loved ones visited. Clooney explained, “when Danny and the kids did come visit, that meant they had to fly into Sydney and quarantine for two weeks by themselves before she could see them.” 

Though they knew it was for safety and health reasons, it wasn’t always easy. In the interview, Roberts even admitted that she hadn’t spent so much time alone since she was 25 and expressed her sincere gratitude to Clooney for saving her from “complete loneliness and despair.”

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