Jacob Roloff lives at Roloff Farms to ‘save money,’ insider says

TLC fans followed the Roloff Farms saga on Little People, Big World. Zach Roloff was hoping to buy Amy Roloff’s share of Roloff Farms that Matt Roloff bought him. Now it appears Jacob Roloff has become closest to Matt – and an insider has alleged he now lives on the farm property with his wife, Isabel Rock, and their child.

‘Little People, Big World’ star Matt Roloff has listed several acres of Roloff Farms for sale

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

During the last season of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff put 16 acres of Roloff Farms up for sale. He currently owns 109 acres of land, which leaves him plenty of land even with the sale of 16 acres. The land at Roloff Farms has been put up for sale for $4 million.

While many fans expected Roloff Farms to sell out, it never did. Matt said he offered his kids Roloff Farms for “half,” but he couldn’t reach a deal with either Zach Roloff or Jeremy Roloff.

“We’ve downsized the property,” Matt shared in a Little People, Big World clip. “The two boys didn’t like it… I have to think of the four children. There’s four kids involved, so what’s fair, you know, in the end when the big chunk of an estate – what’s the fairest thing you can do?

“It wasn’t like I wasn’t trying to sell to kids at half family price,” he continued. “I’m glad that even with all of that they made other decisions because I don’t think the fit was entirely fair…. If the kids had it, I’d be stuck maintaining it, maybe even harder than I do now.

Jacob Roloff reportedly moved to Roloff Farms, insider reports

Matt Roloff not selling Roloff Farms to Zach or Jeremy Roloff apparently put a rift in his relationship with his children. But the Little People, Big World star and Jacob Roloff, her youngest son, seem closer than ever. Jacob worked on Roloff Farms during pumpkin season in 2022, while Zach and Jeremy remained in short supply.

Now an insider has alleged that Jacob Roloff now lives at Roloff Farms. The insider told The Sun that Jacob and Isabel moved into a fifth wheel on private land. The land is currently under construction.

“Jacob and Isabel live full time on the farm,” the insider shared. “They used to rent accommodation and save on the farm. [Jacob and Isabel] live there to save money and help on the farm. The rest of the family doesn’t care, because Matt and Caryn get along so well with them.

Did Jacob Roloff buy the farm?

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With Jacob Roloff living at Roloff Farms, will he eventually buy the Little People, Big World property?

Although it seems unlikely that Jacob and Isabel will buy the land Matt has for sale, anything is possible. It’s more likely that Jacob will continue working on Roloff Farms to save money, as the insider suggested. The insider also mentioned that Jacob and Isabel were considering converting a bus into a temporary home, which could be their next step after the farm.

Will Roloff Farms ever sell? According to the trailer for the new season, it looks like Matt has a new plan for the property. Fans will have to wait and see what happens.

The new season of Little People, Big World premieres November 1, 2022 on TLC.

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