Jinyoung Turns To Revenge In Director’s Action Thriller “Save Me”

K-Pop idol and actor Jinyoung is playing a dark and mysterious role in a movie. Fans are ready to see a different side of him after recently gaining fan fame for his portrayal of Yoo Babi’s K-drama in the hit romance Yumi’s Cells. Jinyoung stars in the action thriller Christmas Carol, based on a novel of the same name.

Jinyoung to Play Il-woo and Wol-woo in “Christmas Carol” | via DSTATION

“Christmas Carol” Has Jinyoung In His First Dual Role

The title of the film should not mislead anyone. As fans saw the actor’s more dramatic side in The Devil Judge, Christmas Carol will up the ante like they’ve never seen before. Jinyoung will play the dual role of twin brothers, Il-woo and Wol-woo.

According to Soompi, the film’s premise focuses on Il-woo, “who travels to a juvenile detention center seeking revenge after the death of his twin brother Wol Woo, engages in a brutal confrontation with a gang of juvenile “. Il-woo goes out of his way to get revenge on those who took his twin brother from him. Part of the synopsis states that the police are partly responsible because they classified the case as an accident.

Fans are curious to see how far the character will go for revenge, as the official poster says, “I’ve decided to become a monster.” But why is the film called Christmas Carol? The plot takes place on Christmas Day. Not only Jinyoung’s lead role in Christmas Carol is talked about, but also its director.

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There are high hopes for the movie as Kim Sung-soo is directing it. He is infamous among K-drama fans for the OCN drama Save Me. The script for the 2017 cult thriller starred Seo Yea-ji in the lead role alongside Woo Do-hwan and Taecyeon. Save Me has become a staple of the thriller genre as a young woman and her family find themselves trapped by a cult. Christmas Carol is set to premiere in December.

Jinyoung is Prince Charming’s adorable colleague in “Yumi’s Cells”

Before Christmas Carol, the last time fans saw Jinyoung was in Season 2 of Yumi’s Cells. The idol-turned-actor captured the hearts of fans as Yoo Babi in the first season. Her character is a colleague of Kim Yu-mi (Kim Go-eun) who fans suspect has feelings for her. But they don’t blossom until the second season, when Yu-mi goes through a troubling breakup.

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Season 2 of Yumi’s Cells followed the webtoon story of Yu-mi giving love another chance and falling hard for Babi’s perfection. But is it too perfect? Jinyoung’s other credited roles were in Netflix’s The Devil Judge, He is Psychometric, and Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.

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