Joe Goldberg returns as a college professor

You season 4 will be back for another season after Joe Goldberg. The murderous stalker has been through a series of careers in many different cities, and he’s up to something new in Season 4. A new teaser from Netflix shows Joe working as a college professor and that hardly sounds like good news. .

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in Netflix’s ‘You’ | Tyler Golden/Netflix

Here’s Every Job Joe Had Throughout ‘You’

Joe Goldberg has gone through a series of careers throughout the Netflix series. He is an intelligent book lover whose tutor, Mr. Mooney, taught him how to restore old books to their former glory. Joe runs a bookstore in Season 1 before fleeing to Los Angeles.

In Season 2, he gets a job at Anavrin, an upscale grocery store where his latest obsession, Love Quinn, works. After the couple get married and have a baby, Joe moves to the suburbs in Season 3. He finds work at a library and develops another obsession with co-worker Marienne.

In You Season 4, Joe embarks on a new career. Season 3 ended with him killing his wife, Love, faking his own death, and burning down their house. He then goes to Paris to look for Marienne.

Joe Goldberg returns as a college professor for ‘You’ season 4

Netflix released a teaser for You Season 4, where Joe says, “I’m not the loveable bookseller in New York, or the salesman in Los Angeles, or the lovey husband in the suburbs. No more now. Allow me to introduce myself. I went through a bit of sophistication crossing the pond, and living in London allowed me to bury the past, if you will.

This season, Joe will be living in London and working as a college professor under the name “Jonathan Moore”. In the teaser, he sports longer hair and a beard. He also promises that he “focuses on academia and teaching” while keeping his “extracurricular activities strictly professional.”

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How did Joe get a job as a college professor?

Exactly how Joe got a job as a college professor in You Season 4 remains to be seen. Joe is obviously smart and cultured, so he’d probably be a good fit for that career path. However, the series pointed out that Joe grew up in poverty and in and out of foster care. He was cared for by Mr. Mooney, who taught him a trade, but he never went to college.

While Joe’s lack of a degree certainly doesn’t mean he’s not smart, it does seem odd that a university would hire him without a degree. That said, there could be some document tampering going on in Season 4. Joe managed to steal Will Bettleheim’s entire identity in Season 2, so he could probably find a way to tamper with the records. university grades while taking on a new name.

You Season 4 Part I drops on Netflix on February 10, 2023 and Part 2 on March 10, 2023.

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