Josh Duggar Fearing Anna Duggar Might ‘Leave Him’ Points to Distrusting Her Family

Josh Duggar was sentenced to over 12.5 years in prison due to obtaining child sexual abuse material. His wife, Anna Duggar, publically supports him on social media. But many Duggar family followers wonder if she’ll eventually make a move to leave. According to a source close to the Duggars, Josh “fears” Anna might leave him if she moves away from Arkansas. This could point to him distrusting her family’s influence.

Where is Anna Duggar now? Rumors suggested she’s considering a move to Texas

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh Duggar serves his time at FCI Seagoville in Texas, but Anna Duggar remains in Arkansas. Before Josh’s arrest, she and Josh (as well as their kids) reportedly lived in a warehouse on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s property. In 2016, the couple purchased a foreclosure, fixed it up, and sold it in 2019. After they sold the home, they allegedly moved on to the Duggar family property into the warehouse.

Anna remains on Duggar family land. But rumors suggest she might be looking to move to Texas to be closer to Josh. During the summer of 2022, Anna visited her sister, Priscilla, in Texas. Priscilla and her husband own unused land and homes in Texas, including a single-family home they built that appears vacant. If Anna were to move, she’d be closer to Josh and Priscilla and have a house off of the Duggar family property where she could raise her seven children.

Josh Duggar allegedly ‘fears’ Anna Duggar may be influenced to leave him

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Many Duggar family followers likely assume that Josh Duggar would love for Anna Duggar to move closer to FCI Seagoville with their seven children. But, according to a source close to the couple, Josh fears Anna moving away from his family might influence her to leave him.

“He thinks it will create too much of a disconnection for her and his kids,” an insider told In Touch. “He doesn’t want anyone but Anna and his immediate family [guiding] his children.”

The source added that Josh “fears that if Anna is distanced from his family, she might be influenced to leave him.”

Anna’s sister hasn’t publicly spoken out against Josh, nor have her parents. But they haven’t made statements in favor of Josh’s innocence. On the other hand, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have done their best to support Josh despite his crimes. In a letter to the judge on the case, Michelle called Josh “tender-hearted,” and she begged for a lighter sentence.

Her brother encouraged her to leave Josh Duggar in the past

Many of Anna Duggar’s family members haven’t spoken out against Josh Duggar. But Anna’s brother, Daniel Keller, once offered Anna money to move her and the kids far away from Josh back when Josh’s cheating scandals came to light.

“I have told her I would pay for her to move out here with me and pay for her kids,” Daniel wrote on social media. “I don’t think Josh will see that this is a big deal and be truly broken until that happens.” He then added that he would try to get “that pig out of our family” at all costs, no matter how long it took.

Anna grew up in a tight-knit, Christian family, so there’s no way that the rest of Anna’s family is unaware of Daniel’s stance. It’s possible Josh fears the influence of Anna’s brother, especially if she moves away from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

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