Kim Kardashian thinks Khloe’s baby boy looks spitting image of sibling Rob

During The Kardashians season 2 finale episode, fans finally get to meet Khloe Kardashian‘s son properly. Although she still hasn’t revealed his name, her mom Kris Jenner had an idea… to call him Rob, in honor of her brother.

Kim was convinced that Khloe’s baby boy looks the spitting image of Rob Kardashian, while Kris had her fingers crossed that her son could have a little one named after him. It comes as fans keep guessing the youngster’s name.

After Khloe’s surrogate went into labor early, she visited the hospital and reunited with baby daddy Tristan Thompson. Then once the mom-of-two brought her son home, her family members tried helping her with picking a name.

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Khloe Kardashian introduces her son

Khloe took her son home to meet his sister True Thompson, the second child she shares with NBA star Tristan. She briefly introduced the newborn on The Kardashians while her sisters and mom cuddled him close.

She still hasn’t revealed his name, while Khloe has not shared many pictures of the baby boy on social media, either. However, he did make his social media debut in Khloe’s October 30 Instagram Stories, E! reports.

Kris made sure to tell Khloe her thoughts once her grandson was home, and said:

I just want to tell you I’m just really proud of you. You’re the best mom in the whole entire universe. I’m so proud of the way you’ve handled this thing with the baby.

Kim reckons Khloe’s son looks like Rob

Kim didn’t just say Khloe’s son looks like Rob, but even went as far as to say he’s “actually his twin.” She made the comment after their mom Kris asked if she thinks the baby looks like her brother Rob, who says: “He’s so perfect.”

For weeks, fans have been hanging on Khloe’s every word and social media post to find out her baby boy’s name. “What are we gonna name him? That’s what I wanna know,” Kim asks, but Khloe doesn’t say anything.

It isn’t just Rob that Kim was reminded of when seeing Khloe’s newborn, as during the surrogacy’s labor, she can be heard in the background yelling, “He looks just like True.” Fans are loving the idea of Khloe’s son being called Rob!

Kris suggests naming him after Rob

After Kim shared her opinion that Khloe’s son looks like Rob, Kris went in full grandma mode by suggesting he be called Rob after his uncle. The comment was brushed off by her daughters, including Khloe.

She says: “How about Rob? How about Rob Kardashian Thompson? And then just call him Rob Kardashian?” Kourtney then comes over and gets a look at the baby, adding: “When they open their mouths and just the way they smell…”

In a confessional, Kris reveals: “I’ve been telling Khloe for so long how special it is to raise a gaggle of kids because it’s a gift to have a brother or sister, so she’s going to be the best boy mom in the world.”

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