Kyle and Alyssa Are Already Planning a Couple’s Trip

Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener, who formed one of the only showmances in Big Brother 24, broke up before his eviction. However, it appears they are back together and already began planning a couple’s trip.

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider are planning a couple’s trip

In late October 2022, a month after Big Brother 24 concluded, ex-showmance Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider reunited near her hometown in Florida.

The two hung out in St. Augustine and documented their time together through Instagram stories and TikToks.

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In her most recent Instagram post, Alyssa uploaded a few pictures from their vacation, and she thanked her followers for “embracing us and this new chapter.”

Additionally, she revealed they had already planned their next trip to Oahu, Hawaii, and asked for activity recommendations. Many fans have taken the post as proof that the couple is officially together. He asked her to become his girlfriend in the Big Brother house, but Alyssa dumped him shortly before his eviction.

Alyssa and Kyle began dating during ‘Big Brother 24’

Live Feed viewers began noticing sparks between Alyssa and Kyle during Week 2 when he expressed gratitude for their friendship and called her the “sweetest girl I’ve ever met.”

They began flirting, and he used the information to his advantage, resulting in the blindside of her closest ally Ameerah Jones in Week 3. The couple became a showmance in Week 4, but Kyle hid the Leftovers alliance from her and advocated for her eviction.

During Week 6, he started to get conflicted and went against his alliance by refusing to use the Power of Veto to save Alyssa. He also asked her to be his girlfriend that week.

Even though she told Jasmine Davis that the shirtless dancing videos he frequently posts on TikTok gave her “the ick,” Alyssa agreed, and the two officially began dating. The following week, they ended up in the Dyre Fest during the Split House twist, and Kyle used the opportunity to turn on the Leftovers and save himself and his showmance.

Kyle and Alyssa broke up before ‘Big Brother 24’ ended

The two, alongside their new alliance, had the momentum heading into the following week. However, Michael Bruner exposed Kyle’s theory that the non-white houseguests secretly worked together in the house and suggested the white players align against them.

Considering it best for the house, their ally Matt “Turner” backdoored him. During the same week, Alyssa dumped Kyle as she felt he didn’t have her back.

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However, fans didn’t believe the two were actually over, as they hooked up again before his eviction. Before breaking up with Kyle, the Florida native debated her choice and discussed it with Brittany Hoopes and Turner. When Brittany pointed out the difficulty of going through a breakup while playing a game on national television, Alyssa agreed.

She also added that she had a “special person” before entering the house but still chose to pursue Kyle. “This became my reality very quickly,” she admitted. Alyssa previously confirmed she had someone back home in an earlier episode, resulting in Joseph Abdin warning Kyle. Regardless, the two became a couple and appeared to have gotten back together after she dumped him before his eviction. Big Brother is available to stream on Paramount+.