Leslie Jordan’s Time On Big Brother, From Frenchy’s Feuds To Being ‘Star Of The Show’

After Leslie Jordan’s death, Celebrity Big Brother fans revisit his time in season 14 of the reality series. Although he was the second roommate to be kicked out, he is remembered for being the “star of the show”.

Leslie died at the age of 67 on October 24, 2022. TMZ reports that the American Horror Story and Will & Grace actor suffered an undisclosed medical emergency while driving, before his car pulled in in a building.

One of the unforgettable moments of his appearance was his infamous fights with Frenchy on CBB, earning him the most votes via the Big Brother app for being the most entertaining housemate.

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Leslie Jordan on Big Brother

Leslie was the second housemate to be kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother UK season 14 on day 12. He was granted immunity for the week and opted to ban Frenchy and Gary to Celebrity Scrapheap.

Big Brother then announced that all Scrapheap celebrities were automatically nominated for the first eviction. After Leslie’s party, he chose to banish Kellie to the Scrapheap.

During her appearance, co-star Kellie received a warning for calling Leslie “a little queen trying to cover her tracks”, and in another episode, Leslie became the voice of Stephanie during a game of Big Dummies.

He was crowned ‘Star Of The Show’

Leslie was voted the most entertaining housemate on CBB 14. Claire, David, and Edele took part in a talent show which was judged by Leslie following her being named “Star Of The Show” by viewers.

After each performed their talents, Leslie had to decide which of the three had the least talent and would then be sent to the Scrapheap and face the first expulsion. He chose David, which means he was in danger of going home.

As the Star of the Show, Leslie also hosted a game titled “More or Less Celebrity” where he rated his housemates on intelligence, talent, attractiveness, and fame. The nominated roommates involved David, Frenchy, Gary and Kellie.

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

Leslie vs. Frenchy on CBB 14

On day five of CBB Season 14, Frenchy got her revenge after Leslie accused her of destroying the roommate’s food.

Leslie asked Frenchy – who was best known for her fiery and unpredictable personality on the show – where her makeup was, before telling another star that he and other housemates had been “harassing her for the past three days”.

Frenchy said he was “crazy and a liar” before Leslie walked out with some underwear, saying, “Those are my 100 dollar underwear she took scissors to.” He then wondered whether to throw Frenchy’s things in the pool.

When asked by fellow star and actor Gary Busey, who won all season, what else had been torn apart, Leslie replied, “Go look, she’s after us.” When he accused Frenchy of doing it, she replied, “Me?”

Frenchy received a formal warning from Big Brother for cutting up a pair of Leslie’s underwear and threatening to kick her. Leslie also received a warning for threatening to punch Frenchy following their argument.


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