Lim Tries to Move on With Her Life and a New Romance Might Be on the Horizon

The Good Doctor returns for season 20 episode 4. A lot went down at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Lim (played by Christina Chang) is trying to establish some sense of normalcy. Also, it looks like love is in the air. Here’s what happened last time on The Good Doctor.

Lim attempts to move on with her life

Christina Chang and Hill Harper | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

During The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4 (titled “Shrapnel”) Lim starts to accept her new life after becoming paralyzed. At the beginning of the episode, she wakes up in a good mood and resolves not to let her physical limitations hold her back. Lim purchases her own groceries, drives herself to work, and lives independently.

On her way to work, she bumps into her neighbor. She keeps seeing him around her building and he always asks if she needs help. She invites him to her apartment, and they make plans to go to dinner. It looks like a new relationship could be budding. However, this isn’t the only relationship brewing. More on that later.

Park struggles with the single life

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Park and Morgan broke up a few months ago, but it has been difficult for both of them. Park is trying to figure out how to move on from his relationship with Morgan. He spent the night with a woman he really liked, but he found out she’s married.

Park and Morgan have been taking their frustrations out on each other. They’re still angry with each other about the way things ended. At the conclusion of the episode, Park scrolls through a dating app on his phone. During his scrolling, he sees a picture of Morgan. She’s also on the dating app looking for love.

Dr. Jordan Allen and Dr. Daniel Perez get close

Park sent Jordan and Daniel to the beach so they could look for a patient’s severed foot. While they wait for the search and rescue team to find the foot, they get to know each other. Daniel makes a few flirty comments, and they make small talk while sitting on the beach.

At the end of the episode, Daniel leans in for a kiss, but he suddenly pulls back. He seems visibly upset, and says, “I can’t.” Daniel then gets in his car and drives away. He leaves Jordan standing there, and she’s very confused. It looks like Daniel really likes Jordan, so it’s possible there could still be a romance on the horizon.

Everyone is mad at Shaun

Lim is still angry with Shaun because of the outcome of her surgery. Glassman is angry with Shaun because he defied his orders and went rogue during Lim’s surgery. Glassman didn’t show up to their breakfast meeting because he’s still upset.

Park is also angry with Shaun because he rearranged his belongings in their shared office. It’s been tough going for Shaun and all his friends seem to be turning their backs on him. However, Shaun is comforted by his recent discovery. He thinks he might have found a solution that could reverse Lim’s paralysis.

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