‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Agree the Best Season 3 Love Story Isn’t Between a Couple

Love Is Blind Season 3 shows couples falling in love. But many fans aren’t buying their connections. Find out what fans are considering the best love story of the season.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers regarding Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 1-10.]

Raven and SK had family differences on ‘Love Is Blind’

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The pilates instructor fell for the grad student in the pods. But their relationship was tested when they got to learn more about each other outside of the pods.

Raven met SK’s brother, AB, and mom, Ade, in “Impress the Parents.” They ate a meal that Ade cooked for them.

Raven and Ade agreed that SK is a “square,” but their conversations got better with time. She claimed they had similar lifestyles, visions of family life, and goals. Ade kept saying this was good. The one thing that worried the mother was that Raven’s family wasn’t coming to the wedding.

SK revealed Raven has been worried about being accepted into his Nigerian family. “You are welcome in our family,” Ade told her. “You know what? We are all the same. Only the color is different.” Ade even said she loved Raven in her interview.

Later in the season, Ade and Raven went shopping for the wedding. Raven wanted to blend the Nigerian culture into the event, so they shopped for a turban to wear on the day.

Did Raven and SK say ‘I do?’

Do ‘Love Is Blind’ stars SK and Raven get married? | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

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Fans got to watch Raven and SK’s wedding in “Approaching the Altar.” Ade had a private moment with Raven beforehand to put on her turban.

At the altar, SK told Raven that she makes him feel like a champion. He also thanked her for accepting his culture. Raven told him he encouraged her to have deep conversations and couldn’t imagine a world without him.

However, SK decided not to marry her. He believes they need time to work out their complex circumstances. Later, Ade comforted Raven in her room.

‘Love Is Blind’ fans love Raven’s connection with SK’s mom

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A fan started a Reddit thread called “Raven and SK’s mom are the best love story of this season.” Other fans agreed in the comments.

“I love how his mom went to Raven after he broke it off,” one person added.

“I love how she consoled her after he said no. She gave Raven the reassurance that she needed in that moment. It was so sweet,” another person agreed. “And I know she hemmed SK up off camera.”

“This! It was so beautiful to see her come check on Raven and see their moment! She really wanted to call Raven her DIL!” one comment reads.

“His mom saying ‘I do’ broke my heart,” someone else wrote.

“Yes!!! For someone who doesn’t share a good relationship with her MIL that scene made me so emotional and so much love for them both,” one fan wrote.

It sounds like fans were touched by that wedding moment. Fans will have to wait for the reunion to see if Raven keeps in touch with SK and his family.

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