Love is Blind fans weigh in on abortion conversation between Bartise and Nancy

Love is Blind is back in 2022 with its third season. The couples first got to know each other in the pods and on Wednesday, October 26, more episodes dropped on Netflix. As the couples get to know each other after getting engaged, they now have to navigate real life together and have some all-important conversations.

During episode 6, one of the newly engaged couples, Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez, had a tough talk on Love is Blind about abortion. Fans of the show have been weighing in on what was said…

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What was Nancy and Bartise’s conversation?

As Nancy and Bartise were adjusting to ‘real life’ together as a married couple, by living in an apartment on Love Is Blind, Nancy began asking some questions about their future.

She asked how Bartise felt about getting a nanny if they were to have children, which was something that he agreed with.

Nancy then said that her timeframe for having children was potentially shorter than Bartise’s as she is 31 years old.

She said: “The older you get, the higher the risk. Like women who wait ’til 37, 38, even 36, and then their kids have birth defects.”

Bartise said that his mother had him at 36 years old, to which Nancy said: “Thank God your mom was fine at 36, but what would you do if you did find out that your child had a birth defect and you could abort the pregnancy… would you want to keep the baby?”

Bartise said that he would “keep the baby” but Nancy said that it is “different” for her.

Love Is Blind stars disagree on abortion

Nancy and Bartise’s conversation on abortion developed further when Nancy asked: “What about unplanned pregnancies?”.

Bartise’s view captured on Love Is Blind was that he thinks “…if it’s unplanned and you’re like youthful and still learning I think you can get one pass… if you’re not financially ready for it…and you’re young… I think you get one pass but you can’t do it again…”.

Nancy said: “I think I have no say in like anyone’s body, if you need to have an abortion for whatever ‘xyz’ reason, have it, you know?”.

Love Is Blind fans weigh in on the abortion conversation

Following Nancy and Bartise’s private talk, Bartise bought up their ‘future kid’ chat in front of his parents and sister during Love Is Blind episode 7.

Bartise said his answer was “Hell yeah, keep the kid” if they were to find out in pregnancy that it had a disbaility, whereas Nancy said “the opposite”.

Bartise’s sister then said: “Sorry, I’m quite passionate about this. They’re such blessings, so to think that it’s able for them to not be here, it’s crazy.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the conversation: “I don’t know if it was necessary for Bartiste to bring up the abortion question with his family. He and Nancy had already talked about it, and it would ultimately be a decision they’d make together. His family has nothing to do with that.”

One tweeted: “Bartise bringing up Nancy’s views on abortion in front of his family knowing their views… It felt like a set up for her to be shamed and I don’t like that.”

Another said: “Bartise and Nancy should have had that abortion convo during the pods. Bartise judged her so heavily on being pro choice and then invited his family to judge and question her too. It’s a no from me.”

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