Love Is Blind star Andrew Liu’s Instagram shows off his photography skills

Love Is Blind is back on our screens with 30 new singles looking for a connection, including Andrew Liu. Andrew has already had mixed reviews from fans online, but what does the Love is Blind star’s Instagram profile look like?

Despite making the internet laugh, Andrew didn’t get off to the best start on the show. We hope that his luck will change in the next episodes!

Fans are eager to find out if his own social media content is as good as what they’ve seen on the show so far. Let’s take a look at Andrew Liu’s life and his Instagram page. Does that tell us more than what we see on the dating show Love is Blind?


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Who is Andrew Liu from Love is Blind?

Andrew Y Liu is a 30-year-old operations manager. However, from his Instagram, we can tell that he is also an avid wildlife photographer.

On the show, we hear a lot about his connection to photography, as well as Kenya, where many of the photos were taken.

As for what Andrew is looking for in love, he told the show in an Instagram post that “the key to his heart is constant hugs.”

However, he also told Netflix that his biggest pet peeve is someone who “looks to others to solve their problems before trying to solve it on their own.”

Andrew’s journey so far on the dating show

Andrew’s time on the program has seen him see his fair share of drama, we can tell you that for sure!

Unfortunately, after forming a connection with Nancy Rodriguez in the pods, she leaves Andrew to pursue things with Bartise Bowden. Andrew said he was distraught over the rejection as he sat down to speak to the camera.

While the show focuses on the contestants and their love interests, one scene saw Andrew open up about his relationship with Nancy. However, during filming, he was seen pouring drops in his eye while asking the crew if it was okay to continue. The producers responded by confirming, “If your eyes hurt, by all means.”

Between sniffles, he asked, “Wait, I guess this is a good time for that.” Is it okay if I do this? »

However, Andrew may have been in tears before being asked about the heartbreaking situation.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have approached representatives for Andrew Liu for comment.

Check out Andrew on Instagram

Andrew’s Instagram is very different from his Love Is Blind or other reality stars. You can follow him @a.curious.ape

He doesn’t appear to be posting any photos of himself, but rather his stunning black and white wildlife photographs to his 14,800 followers.

However, Andrew has what appears to be his Love Is Blind promotional photo as his Instagram post photo. He also has story highlights titled “Love Is Blind” so fans can see his journey on the show there.

Who knows, Andrew might add more to his account in the future, where we can see what he does after the show.


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