‘Manifest’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Squawk’

There’s a lot of action to digest during the explosive Manifest Season 4 Episode 5. At the halfway point in part 1, the Stone family storms Adrian’s (Jared Grimes) 828er housing facility, where he protects Angelina (Holly Taylor) and Eden. But when Angelina puts everyone’s lives in danger, Adrian rethinks his alliance. Do the Stones finally save Eden? Read on to find out.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Manifest Season 4 Episode 5.]

Holly Taylor as Angelina looking up with her arms open in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Episode 5. | Netflix

Ben is held captive in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Episode 5

In episode 4, Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) snuck onto Adrian’s property, only to get knocked out by an unseen figure. When he awakens in episode 5, he finds himself tied up and duct-taped in a storage room. Meanwhile, Eden gets a Calling of a bee that leads her to the storage room, finally coming face-to-face with her father after two years. Overcome by emotion, Ben tries to tell Eden that he’s her dad, but Angelina finds Eden and reminds her that he’s a “bad man” and she can only trust Mommy.

Later, a passenger named Donovan (Germar Terrell Gardner) brings food to Ben. Adrian has instructed the 828ers to keep Ben locked away, but they don’t know that Adrian is allowing Angelina and Eden to hide upstairs. When Ben tells Donovan, he considers turning against Adrian.

While trying to figure out Ben’s location, a Bee calling leads Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) to a photo of 828er Erika Burness (Nurit Monacelli). She calls Drea (Ellen Tamaki), who tells Michaela that Erika is living at Adrian’s facility. Jared (J.R. Ramirez) investigates the place to ask about all the fertilizer Erika bought, and it’s pretty clear she’s building bombs.

Angelina declares a ‘day of judgment’

Episode 5 offers a glimpse at Angelina’s initial escape with Eden. Viewers see that her mother turned her away when Angelina asked for help. Additionally, she planned to jump off a bridge with Eden, but stopped when Eden called her “Mommy.” Now, she’s really convinced that she and Eden are meant to be together.

Back in the present day, Erika finds Angelina upstairs, but she isn’t upset. Instead, she shows Angelina all the bombs she hid around the house in case of a police raid. Unfortunately for Angelina, the other passengers aren’t so accepting of her crimes. Donovan confronts Adrian about housing a fugitive, and the 828ers tell him to get rid of Angelina.

Angelina overhears the conversation and grabs the detonator. She holds the passengers hostage and tells them to prepare for their final judgment, believing she and Eden will be among the saved.

Donovan attempts to get Ben out of the storage room, but Erika knocks him out with a gun and sides with Angelina.

Meanwhile, outside, Michaela, Jared, and Zeke (Matt Long) search for Ben. Michaela and Zeke find a message on the storage room window: Ben wrote in blood the seat numbers of all the passengers in the house. Cal Stone (Ty Doran) arrives and insists on going in despite the bombs. He knows what he needs to do.

The Stones storm Adrian’s 828er house in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Episode 5

Cal heads right into the main room to talk to Angelina. She calls him “Moses” and believes he came back for her, so he plays along. He distracts her in the hallway while Michaela and company help Ben escape from the storage room. Ben finds Eden upstairs, but she calls for “Mommy,” alerting Angelina.

Cal holds Angelina off as Ben escapes with his daughter. She hits the detonator, but it doesn’t work. That gives everyone just enough time to get out of the house — except Cal. He’s still inside with Angelina when another bomb on a timer sets off.

Miraculously, Cal emerges from the house mostly unscathed after the explosion. But he’s not the only survivor: Erika stumbles out with her gun pointed straight at Michaela. Zeke’s empathic abilities absorb Erika’s fury; he grabs Jared’s gun and shoots her repeatedly, killing her. That could have consequences for Zeke later, and maybe even Jared since it was his gun.

Back at home, everyone has a tearful reunion with Eden. Now that she’s home, Ben will probably shift his focus back to saving the passengers from their Death Date. However, after two years of manipulation from Angelina, Eden could have trouble adjusting. There’s also the problem that Angelina is still alive. Adrian finds her in the middle of the road and drives away with her. Cal also coughs up blood, which isn’t a good sign.

Saanvi, Cal, and Olive have a new theory about the Callings

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Eden’s rescue is the main focus of the episode, but there is also a little bit of progress in the Flight 828 mystery. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) and Dr. Cooper (J.D. Martin) have an MRI machine at Bird Nest. They try to see if Saanvi has any spikes in brain activity when the black box recording plays. She insists that some kind of “God frequency” is communicating with the passengers through ULF — ultra-low frequency.

Unfortunately, Saanvi doesn’t find any answers, so she sticks Cal in the machine. He gets a Calling of Ben and Eden surrounded by ash and a storm, which is what leads him to the rescue at Adrian’s facility.

Later, Saanvi says Cal’s brain activity indicated a memory when he had the Calling. Apparently, he knew the detonator wouldn’t go off. And so, there’s a new theory about the Callings: What if they’re memories of divine consciousness? In this sense, the passengers are all-knowing and can predict the future.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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